“One Love Manchester” Has Raised $12 Million So Far 

June 5, 2017 / Posted by:

As you know, One Love Manchester, Ariana Grande’s benefit concert for the victims and victims families of the terrorist attack at her show two weeks ago, happened in Manchester last night. 50,000 people were at the show and performers included Miley Cyrus, ColdplayKaty Perry, Little Mix, Take That the Black Eyed Peas (sans Fergie), and Justin Bieber. Normally this would be where I’d want to make a “Haven’t they been through enough already?” joke about Bieber, but I do have a shred of a soul left, so I won’t. Yesterday, Red Cross UK said that One Love Manchester raised over $9 million for the victims. Today, TMZ says it has raised $12 million. They expect to raise more from television rights and merchandise.  Continue reading

Hot Slut Of The Day!

June 5, 2017 / Posted by:

The London Bridge terrorist attack was (and continued to be) a horrifying nightmare, but there was a little bit of comic relief and hope in the awfulness of it all. The AP ran a video of people fleeing the scene of the terrorist attack, and Brits and others on Twitter raised several glasses and cheered one dude who calmly walked along with a pint in hand. Even in all that scary chaos, dude was not about to lose one drop of that yeasty sweet nectary.

Liverpool Echo claims they know the identity of the man who refused to let the terrorists fuck with his pint. They say the calm pint clencher’s named is Paul Armstrong and he’s from the town of Maghull. Someone on Facebook claimed Paul as their relative and said in a post that there’s a very simple and reasonable reason for why Paul and his friend didn’t leave their booze at the bar. In the voice of the founder of The Rent Is 2 Damn High Party, THE PRICE OF A PINT IS 2 DAMN HIGH to leave behind no matter what.

So that guy with the pint? Yes, that’s the elusive Paul Armstrong. That’s what happens when you’re a Scouser paying London pint prices.”

Most reboots gives me the full-body heaves, but I am all for the British government rebooting the “Keep Calm And Carry On” poster by replacing the crown with an illustration of Sir Paul of the Pint!



Birthday Sluts

June 5, 2017 / Posted by:

Laurie Anderson (70)
Troye Sivan (22)
Steelo Brim (29)
Amanda Crew (31)
Mike Fisher (37)
Pete Wentz (38)
Nick Kroll (39)
Liza Weil (40)
Joe Gatto (41)
Chad Allen (43)
Marky Mark (46)
Claus Norreen of Aqua (47)
Brian McKnight (48)
Ron Livingston (50)
Rick Riordan (53)
Lisa Cholodenko (53)
Jeff Garlin (55)
Kenny G (61)
Kathleen Kennedy (64)
Nicko McBrain (65)
Suze Orman (66)
Colm Wilkinson (73)

Pic: Guido Harari/Pinterest


Kanye West Wants To Design The Sports Uniforms For Calabasas High

June 4, 2017 / Posted by:

I’m not sure the football team will find wearing mocha-colored thong leotards that effective on the field. Also – football tends to make you sweaty, and Kanye West’s clothes are apparently verging on lethal when exposed to excessive temperatures. Kanye is trying to seal a deal with Kardashian-Land High (Calabasas High School in Calabasas, California) wherein he would design their sports uniforms. No, really.

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