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October 10, 2016 / Posted by:

Ken Bone! 

I haven’t really seen what the polls have to say about who won last night’s second presidential debate shit show, but I’m sure every poll looks like this:

Donald Trump: -26,000,000,000%

Hillary Clinton: 25%

The Attention Whore Fly That Landed On Hillary Clinton’s Face: 26%


Last night’s town hall debate was just painful and the only bitch who enjoyed it is a sick motherfucker whose favorite fetish involves someone shitting on their eyes as someone else punches them in the throat. But there was one bright shiny star in a smart DXL cable knit sweater who sparkled among all the shit throwing. As the barbecued Dr. Frankenstein’s monster stalked Hillary Clinton and sniffled like a cokehead with asthma, Ken Bone took the mic and asked both candidates about their energy policy. It was a normal question, but because we’re all bored 10-year-olds who giggle at the name “Bone” and were desperately hungry for a ray of sunshine, St. Louis’ own Ken Bone became a viral star! And yes, Ken Bone is short for “Ken, Bone Me Until I Forget About This Trash Election!

Ken “The Boner Maker” Bone trended on Twitter, everyone got themselves a Ken Bone Halloween costume and I’m sure Nurse Patsy from Getting On is already in talks to play Ken Bone in a riveting biopic. Ken Bone is a hero, and he solidified that when he pulled out a disposable camera to capture the moment when he became a STAR! I didn’t know that they made disposable cameras anymore, but I do know that they’re probably sold out everywhere thanks to Ken Bone’s influence!

And why even bother with another debate, because on November 8, everyone is definitely going to write-in the words “Give Me The Bone!” on their ballot.


Birthday Sluts

October 10, 2016 / Posted by:

Bai Ling (50)
Aimee Teegarden (27)
Marina and the Diamonds (31)
Chiaki Kuriyama (32)
Cupid (34)
Dan Stevens (34)
Una Healy of The Saturdays (35)
Mýa (37)
Jodi Lyn O’Keefe (38)
Dale Earnhardt Jr. (42)
Mario Lopez (43)
Manu Bennett (47)
Brett Favre (47)
Wendi McLendon-Covey (47)
Martin Kemp (55)
Jodi Benson (55)
Eric Martin of Mr. Big (56)
Simon Townshend (56)
Julia Sweeney (57)
Bradley Whitford (57)
Tanya Tucker (58)
David Lee Roth (62)
Nora Roberts (66)
Jessica Harper (67)
Cyril Neville (68)
Ben Vereen (70)
Peter Coyote (75)



Open Post: Hosted By The “Power Rangers” Trailer

October 9, 2016 / Posted by:

They didn’t even include “Mighty Morphin’“! This is respect-free! The trailer for Power Rangers has dropped, and my condolences if your childhood was killed in the blast. Everything’s very serious now and someone cloned Zac Efron. Elizabeth Banks and Bryan Cranston must both want a bigger summer mansion in St. Barts next year, so they’re involved. That’s Elizabeth murdering the classic Rita Repulsa character and wearing her skin to menace CW fodder at 1:52.

As we’ve discovered in this year’s presidential election, nothing is sacred.

Watch the Power Rangers trailer below.

Donald Trump Has Very Few Boundaries When It Comes To His Daughter Ivanka

October 9, 2016 / Posted by:

Most dads would probably take issue with someone referring to their daughter in a derogatory and sexual manner in their presence. Some of the more temperamental ones might end up engaging in fisticuffs if someone creepshow-ed about their child in front of them. Donald Trump? Not one of those dads. CNN dug up audio of on-air conversations that Donald has had with radio host Howard Stern over the years. In one of the more charming ones, crumpled traffic cone Donald is very “np, bro” about Howard calling Donald’s daughter Ivanka Trumpa piece of ass.”

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