A Raw Vegan YouTuber Got Caught Eating Fish And Is Sorry

/ March 23, 2019

Vegans do not fuck around. Much like Santa Claus, they know when you are sleeping, they know when you’re awake, they know when you’ve been bad or good, and they know when you’ve eaten MEAT, you heathen bitch! Earlier this month, they dragged Ariana Grande because her allegedly-vegan Starbucks beverage was definitely not vegan. PETA drags everyone from feminists who eat eggs, to people who use English phrases about killing birds with stones. They don’t play around. Which is why it’s crazy that raw vegan YouTuber (why did I get an education?) Yovana Mendoza Ayres, known as Rawvana who has over 450,000 subscribers, thought she could get away with pretending to be a raw vegan and then going out and eating–GASP–fish.

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Paramount Reportedly Wants A Gay Sex Scene Cut From “Rocketman” (But The Director Denies It)

/ March 23, 2019

It’s Hollywood versus gay sex when it comes to the upcoming Rocketman movie due out in May. The Daily Mail is reporting that the studio behind the Elton John biopic wants to cut a scene featuring some amazing and delicious Nude. Gay. Sex. To quote Carrie Bradshaw in one of the only phrases she’s uttered which hasn’t aged poorly: “Not in the mood for gay porn?!”

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Hot Slut Of The Day!

/ March 23, 2019

Matt Bradley, the MSNBC war correspondent who got caught getting camera beauty ready while reporting from Syria.

I know that saliva’s main purpose is to be used as ass sex and fapping lube when your bottle of Wet runs dry. And I know that it’s second main purpose is to be used to be spit at a trick when they fuck with you and you don’t want to dirty your hands with their nastiness by slapping them. But it also has another use, and no, I’m talking about “aiding in eating, swallowing, and digestion” (that’s not its main purpose!!!). I’m talking about using it to slick back your hair when gel ain’t around. That’s exactly what reporter Matt Bradley did while reporting from Syria, and he got caught on camera doing it.

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Birthday Sluts

/ March 23, 2019
Ric Ocasek (70)
Princess Eugenie of York (29)
Ayesha Curry (30)
Brett Eldredge (33)
Steven Strait (33)
Nicholle Tom (41)
Michelle Monaghan (43)
Keri Russell (43)
Randall Park (45)
Gail Porter (48)
Poe (51)

Pic: Wenn.com

John Bobbitt (52)
Richard Grieco (54)
Hope Davis (55)
Catherine Keener (60)
Amanda Plummer (62)
Kenneth Cole (65)
Chaka Khan (66)
Michael Haneke (77)
Akira Kurosawa (1910-1998)
Joan Crawford (1904-1977)
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Afternoon Crumbs

/ March 22, 2019

Christina Anstead (aka Christina El Moussa aka the Flip or Flop chick) announced on Instagram that she and her husband Ant Anstead made a baby that I’m sure she’s going to name Travertine Accent Tile Anstead. Christina made the announcement with a totally natural picture where he’s thinking, “Um, I think I’m passing out from inhaling all this Bronzer and weave hair,” as she’s saying through gritted Chiclets, “Keep your goddamn face there so we can get this goddamn picture.”Just Jared

Seeing Constance Wu exude classic sophistication by looking like a Rock of Love Bus stowaway has instantly made me declare Hustlers a cinematic jewel – Lainey Gossip 

St. Angie Jolie just burned her stylist’s skin with a rage glare for not being the first to get whatever black dress thing is on Eva Green’s body here – Popoholic

Jack Falahee got a tit tattoo that will soon be covered with a field of chest fur – Towleroad

Prepare to glue your eyeballs to that damn Lindo Wing door next month – Celebitchy

I never thought I’d say these words but I want to move to somewhere other than Austin in Texas and it’s all because of Pound Town – Pajiba

Rachel Bilson makes it so easy…. – Hollywood Tuna

Pic: Instagram

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