Kelly Taylor Is Getting A Divorce From Her Third Husband After Three Years of Marriage

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This may or may not be karma for pulling that bullshit I choose me move on Dylan and Brandon that time. Girl, what? You choose you?!? After we rescued you from fires, and showy cocaine addiction, and A CULT, and everything? Ungrateful! Well, it’s either karma or Tiffani-Amber Thiessen is vengeful and has finally reached the lofty heights of cattery that her weed-smoking alter ego Valerie Malone did on 90210!

Jennie Garth’s husband of less than three years, Dave Abrams, has filed for divorce, according to The Blast. 36-year-old Dave filed in L.A. County Court yesterday, citing “irreconcilable differences.” Their official date of separation was listed as August 29 of last year. Back in November, People had reported that Jennie and Dave were “going through a rocky patch.

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Kendra Wilkinson Filed For Divorce From Hank Baskett

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The eternally elegant Kendra (Wilkinson) Baskett has chosen to empty her “taco” of its “meat. (That’s got to be the classiest euphemism for ending your marriage ever.) Court documents obtained by People confirm that Hugh Hefner’s perkiest ex-diaper changer filed for divorce from former NFL wide receiver Hank Baskett yesterday.

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Hot Slut Of The Day!

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The Houston Rockets “usher” who nearly shattered the dance cam with his boiling hot sweet moves!

SPOILER ALERT: This “usher” is most likely a STUNT QUEEN plant who was obviously scouted by the Houston Rockets at Juilliard’s school of dance. Because as many have pointed out, he’s not wearing a name tag, and any smart usher would never just serve up nipple-hardening moves for free like this. But I’m not 100% hating on this, because any ball-throwing game is instantly made better when anyone distracts from that boring ball-throwing shit with dance moves you’d see at an audition for a 90s boy band made up of suburban dads.

During a game between the Houston Rockets and some other team at the Toyota Center on Tuesday, the dance cam was scanning the crowd when it suspiciously landed on an “usher” who played all shy-like for a few seconds before giving the people a show that’d even make over-the-top master Justin Timberlake say, “Err, you may want to tone it down a bit.” The Baryshnikov of planted sports arena dancers threw in a million spectacular moves in a quick second. And I hope the Houston Rockets gave him a bonus for that flip.

Our dance cam has been full of surprises all season. 😂

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The dance cam Fred Astaire probably made his one and only appearance at a Houston Rockets game, sadly. Because the owners of the Toyota Arena know that if they made him a regular thing, the people would demand that the seats be turned to face him instead of the court, and that could be expensive.

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Birthday Sluts

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Carol Douglas (70)
Ed Speleers (30)
Ben McKee (33)
Jeremy Meeks (34)
David “Punk” Otunga (38)
Kevin Alejandro (42)
Tiki Barber (43)
John Cooper (43)
Jennifer Schwalbach Smith (47)
Bill Bellamy (53)
Russell Crowe (54)
Christopher Darden (62)
Jackie Chan (64)
Janis Ian (67)
John Oates (70)
Francis Ford Coppola (79)
James Garner (1928-2014)
Billie Holiday (1915-1959)


Night Crumbs

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Thousands of Directioners probably lost their virginity when a clip of Harry Styles looking like he’s popping a boner made the rounds. Err, I’m pretty sure that’s a pocket or something, but if you’re a sick bitch who has always had a thing for Barney, don’t let that stop you from fapping to that purple boner – Towleroad

Somebody tell Jennifer Aniston that she can stop wearing those Uncle Terry glasses now that she’s split from his best friend Justin TherouxLainey Gossip

Since ABC is probably all up Roseanne’s ass due to her ratings, it’s going to be really awkward when they make her in charge of Black-ish and Fresh Off the BoatCelebitchy

It’s weird that MTV didn’t announce that they replaced JWoww with Pimp Mama Kris in a wig for Jersey Shore Family VacationReality Tea

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Who Is March’s Hot Slut Of The Month? 

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The theme of March’s Hot Slut of the Month showdown can be summed up with one word: GLAMOOOOOOUR!

Drag Queen Elsa brought the icy glamour (and sex, see that tingle-inducing screen shot) while saving a cop wagon in Boston. Dog the Scottish Fold regularly brings the glamour in his Lennon glasses while selling fish to the people in Vietnam. Adam Rippon brought the dressed-up leather twink glamour at the Oscars. And last but not even close to being least, SpongeBob’s Russian human second cousin always slathers Russia with electrocuted Brillo pad glamour.

Like always, this month’s contest to find our new Hot Slut of the Month is made up of the three Hot Slut of the Days who got the most Facebook likes. The fourth one is a wild card picked by me. Your choices for March are:

Drag Queen Elsa, the Boston bro in Elsa from Frozen drag who beautifully sang out, “Let it goooooo,” to a bunch of snow that was holding a cop wagon hostage.

Dog, the Scottish Fold pussy who sells fish and other stuff at a market in Vietnam, and does it in fashion-forward ensembles that French Vogue will copy for months to come.

Adam Rippon’s Oscar harness, which he wore to the Oscars after making the 100% right decision to dress like a twink-ified James Bond on his way to a gay sex party.

Valentina Petrenko, the Russian federation senator who knocked over the internet with her fried hair wall of secrets (and Russian bots).

The winner of March’s glamour-off (and Hot Slut of the Month contest) will be announced next Friday!

Pics: Facebook, Facebook,, AP


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