TIME’s Person Of The Year Are The Silence Breakers

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TIME magazine announced their annual Person of the Year, and whoever had their money on the #MeToo movement has reason to quietly celebrate (cheering wildly over your winnings will seem just a *tad* tacky given the circumstances). TIME’s People of the Year for 2017 are the “silence breakers,” or those who bravely told their shitty, awful stories of sexual harassment and assault.

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Birthday Sluts

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Picking up @irisapatow at French Woods.

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Judd Apatow (50)
Ashley Madekwe (34)
Stephenie LaGrossa (38)
Colleen Haskell (41)
Lindsay Price (41)
Sarah Rafferty (45)
Ulf Ekberg of Ace of Base (47)
Janine Turner (55)
Nick Park (59)
Debbie Rowe (59)
Tom Hulce (64)
JoBeth Williams (69)
Shekhar Kapur (72)
James Naughton (72)
Agnes Moorehead (1900-1974)


Night Crumbs

December 5, 2017 / Posted by:

Prince Hot Ginge and Meghan Markle are apparently planning to fuck royal tradition with a banana by having a banana wedding cake instead of a traditional fruit cake. PHG also really loves bananas and bananas are a symbol of their love because she posted that message to him on her Instagram while they were dating. Bananas were my favorite fruit (because duh, they sort of look like crooked peens), but now the thought of one is making the heaves crawl up my throat. PHG and Meghan Markle’s love is ruining everything! – Celebitchy

Where no motherfucking man has fucking gone be-fucking-fore!” – the tagline for Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek movie – Lainey Gossip 

When Katharine McPhee isn’t shit talking the bride of the wedding she tried to crash, she’s posing in natural pap shoots that totally weren’t set up by her publicist – Drunken Stepfather

It’s a sad day for Broadway when Chicago casts Kandi Burruss instead of the real vocal talent of Atlanta known as Kim “Kills Dog Ears With Her Voice” Zolciak!Reality Tea 

When they make a Roy Moore movie, Carolina Rhea can get dark by playing that crazy mess Janet PorterTowleroad

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Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes Attended An Event Together

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Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have been in semi-hiding for most their relationship. Then in September they were papped on a beach, a move that announced to the world, “Hey, we’re…not as secret anymore.” Three months later, they’ve taken things a step up by appearing at the same event.

The event in question was a flagship store launch for Prive Revaux Eyewear in NYC last night. Jamie is a “brand partner” for Prive. E! News says that Jamie arrived at 7:30pm. After mingling with the crowd, he approached the DJ booth, where he should have played “Blame It On the Alcohol” on repeat, but he didn’t. A source says that’s when Katie Holmes walked in and made her way to a back room. Jamie left the DJ booth and followed behind her. Eventually Katie left, while Jamie stayed behind for a bit longer.

We know nothing else from last night, besides the fact that E! News’ source described Katie as “looking flawless.” And that only tells me that source doesn’t realize “flawless” typically describes an absence of flaws. That picture above is from last night. I spot one giant flaw, which is that Katie had the audacity to show up in your nana’s favorite fluffy cold weather housecoat and post-bath hair style. That look is a privilege one earns, Katie. A coat like that is your reward for years of successfully telling youngins to keep their hands out of your purse and their feet off the couch.

Pics: Wenn.com

Selena Gomez Went “Private” On Instagram, And Her Fans Blame Billboard

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There’s nothing that brings all the tweens to the yard than some passive aggressive social media maneuver. Back in my day, all we had were obscure Hanson lyrics to post as an AIM away message, but kids these days can do all sorts of stunts like blocking, unfollowing, and…GOING PRIVATE! So when Selena Gomez took her Instagram to private mode for a mere 130 million of her closest fans and followers, the same number of Detective LaToyas popped up looking for answers. Continue reading


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