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August 11, 2017 / Posted by:

Kate Winslet spoke to Entertainment Weekly about working with Justin Timberlake on the upcoming film Wonder Wheel, saying he wasn’t “Justin Timberlake” on set, but “just some guy named Justin.” Just Justin. Oh boy. I bet Justin had to stroke his shattered ego for hours after that by staring into a mirror and repeatedly telling himself “YOU ARE A-LIST SUPERSTAR JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!” – Lainey Gossip

Kendrick Lamar says he didn’t know who Bad Blood was about when he recorded it. Please. As if Taylor Swift didn’t make him recite an “I H8 Katy Perry” pledge with her two cats as witnesses beforehand – Celebitchy

Jeff Lewis’ housekeeper Zoila Chavez is retiring, which means the best part of Flipping Out might be gone – Reality Tea

This might be some of the most normal clothing Bella Thorne has worn in weeks. Is everything okay, Bella? – Drunken Stepfather

Anthony Scaramucci impressions have officially lasted longer than Anthony Scaramucci did at the White House – Pajiba

Here’s Katy Perry in some fancy 1980s rich lady cosplay for W Magazine – Popoholic

It’s appropriate that Bella Hadid appears to be wearing a fitted bed sheet, since her face usually looks like it’s on the verge of shutting down into sleep mode – Hollywood Tuna

English football (aka soccer) has its first openly-gay referee – Towleroad

Zedd reminds us about when he dated Selena Gomez for about six seconds – OMG Blog

I feel like Mel B might be breaking some kind of unwritten celebrity rule that states you must be papped leaving yoga in an expensive athleisure ensemble – The Nip Slip

Amber Heard and Elon Musk put a statement about the rumors that they’re fucking again, and probably because those attention whores didn’t get enough attention for their first round of statements about their break-up – Just Jared

Very exciting news if you’re a member of 98 Degrees, a fan of Christmas, or you just woke up from the coma you’ve been in since 1999 – Popsugar

Watch out Elizabeth Hurley, Angie Harmon is coming for your Instagram cougar THOT throne – SOW

Kendall Jenner stars in an Adidas commercial that I believe was shot inside the plastics lab where she and her sister are remade into new people every 30 days – Starcasm



July’s Hot Slut Of The Month Is…..

August 11, 2017 / Posted by:

The spectacular diving board brows that snatched away every spotlight from Jabba the Trump during his press conference on healthcare!

When July’s Hot Slut of the Month showdown started, I prayed to the Hot Slut gods to make it a tie between the show-stealing bug antenna brows of my dreams and the First Lady of Japan. It was close for a quick second, but in the end, the title went to the perfect pair of long division brows that every math teacher should paint on their faces if they want their students to take them seriously as an authority on arithmetic. If Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting was a chola, not only would he be a zillion times more interesting, but he’d have brows like that.

Last month, the gorgeous garden hoe brows on the face of an “Obamacare victim” became the only good thing that Jabba the Trump has ever given. As he caca’d at the mouth about healthcare, those brows caught the attention of every pair of eyes watching. And this month, those same stunning brows earned the most votes from you hos and is now our reigning Hot Slut of the Month. The brows that perfectly expressed our feelings about Trump got 36% of the votes, beating out the first lady of my heart, Akie Abe (31%), Elishaly D’witshes (21%) and the Air Peddling Husky (12%). If we don’t get nuked to Jesus by January (Side note: those brows will survive the nuclear war and live forever), those brows will battle it out in the Hot Slut of the Year semi-finals. And now let’s all raise a fine point Sharpie and salute our new HSOTM!

Thanks to everyone who voted!

Pic: YouTube/Dreamstime


Aaron Carter Still Asking People Out Via Twitter

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Poor Chloe Grace Moretz can’t catch a break. She gets fat-shamed by some twentysomething d-bag on set when she was only 15, and now Aaron Carter is using rerun pick-up moves to get her to go to Olive Garden with him. Chloe was too young for the West Side Story battle of the 90s: Backstreet Boys v. N’Sync. But girlfriend was around for “Aaron’s Party,” and apparently she really wanted to be that honey over there: per the Hollywood Reporter: Continue reading


FKA Twigs Was Papped Getting “Cozy” With A Model Piece In Ibiza

August 11, 2017 / Posted by:

Robert Pattinson gave Twi-hards a boner the other day when Howard Stern asked him if he was still engaged to FKA Twigs, and he replied, “Yeah, kind of.” Nobody checked to see if Kristen Stewart, while soaking in the lady pond, replied, “Don’t even think about it.” Nothing would give those fanged fans greater glee than seeing the reboot of Edward and Bella, even if Bella is into poon and Edward is into… bad haircuts and rank-ass movies. FKA apparently took Rob’s maybe-maybe-not engagement chatter as the green light to paw up on another piece. Continue reading

“The Munsters” Is Getting A Brooklyn Hipster Reboot At NBC

August 11, 2017 / Posted by:

Shocker! Speaking of lack of original ideas, I was about to make a joke about how The Munsters was some bootleg version of the Addams Family, but apparently it only started six days after those Goth hussies first aired… and in the same week as Bewitched! I mean, Lyndon Johnson was in office, and he did resemble Grandpa Munster… and Lurch in certain light… and Endora if he wore a wig. Ok, I’ll stop.

Anywho, nothing is new at NBC these days, and Variety reports The Munsters reboot will take place in hipster Brooklyn. Because nothing is more monstrous than seeing an investment banker who lives in a Park Slope brownstone and dresses like Margaret Atwood flinging her latte in the face of a barista, because she asked for hemp milk not almond milk, thankyewverymuch. Oh, that’s not the show they meant? My B.

Not a lot of details are out, but Seth Meyers is one of the executive producers, and considering how dim the creative team seems at the channel lately, I’m sure some boob who takes everything so literal was like, “He works late… vampire… we just got our next reboot!” All these revivals are giving me a case of the Zzzzz’s… except… At the rate Nicole Kidman keeps applying SPF 90 on, I assume she’s planning for the starring role in the Casper The Friendly Ghost reboot. Now THAT I will see!

Pic: CBS

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