Open Post: Hosted By Harry Styles Crying Over Dueting With Stevie Nicks

May 20, 2017 / Posted by:

Of course he cried! This is the white witch! The white-winged dove! She IS Rhiannon, the story of a Welsh witch!

Harry Styles, who seems to be quickly reaching a Tay Tay Swift-level of omnipresence lately, was joined by Stevie Nicks at his show at L.A.’s Troubador, last night. They dueted on one of his songs, and two of hers – “Leather and Lace” and “Landslide.” Landslide is already a tearjerker, but then sing it with Stevie herself and try not to fall apart. They should have done “Edge of Seventeen,” because I wanted to see Harry try and match Stevie’s microphone kicks and shawl twirling and fail miserably.

Watch Harry fall apart (at the 4:35 mark), below.

And be sure and clock Stevie’s truly formidable platform boots in that video. Stevie is 68 years old and wearing boots that would snap the ankles of these lesser chicks. She is a goddamn treasure.

Pic: TMZ

Dave Annable Overshares

May 20, 2017 / Posted by:

Actor Dave Annable’s wife wouldn’t put out, so he decided to whine to her about it on Instagram. On one hand, it’s nice to get the confirmation that the carefully curated lives everyone presents on social media are, in reality, dysfunctional shambles with the “XPro II” filter applied. On the other hand, your wife not letting you inside of her is oversharing, Dave.

Dave’s wife, actress Odette Annable, didn’t seem to have a problem with letting the world know she wasn’t giving it up on that particular evening. It is sort of amusing that her excuse was that she was “too busy tonight.” She’s lying there with nary a spreadsheet, scrapbooking materials, a script to read, or a checkbook to balance. I’m not sure the TV is even on. She’s probably just busy with her thoughts. via E Online:

Sharing the video from bed, Dave talks to his wife, saying, “So you can’t just say out of the blue, ‘Dave, I can’t wait to have sex with you, just not tonight.'”

Yeah, from their bed. That awful shrew turned their love nest into a “#nobonezone.” That’s the most godawful hashtag since “#blessed.

Celebrities used to have an aura of mystery and glamour. Can you imagine Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton releasing a super-8 film of them in bed with her complaining that Richard couldn’t get it up because of whiskey dick? There are very few standards left.

Pic: Instagram

The “Roseanne” Revival Will Act Like Dan Conner Never Died

May 20, 2017 / Posted by:

This is good news, because John Goodman playing the wise-cracking ghost of sexy everyman dad, Dan Conner, would have been a disaster on par with that final season lottery dream mess.

Roseanne’s infamous (as in infamously terrible) final season ended with the revelation that husband Dan actually hadn’t survived his heart attack. The show is coming back to ABC for an eight-episode stint, and TV Line reports that they’re going to make like none of that ever happened.  Continue reading

Anderson Cooper Apologized For Getting Crude On One Of Trump’s Talking Heads

May 20, 2017 / Posted by:

Anderson Cooper may have elegantly sprung fully silvered from Gloria Vanderbilt’s opulent womb, but it doesn’t mean he won’t get real and raunchy with fools. This was never more true than yesterday afternoon, when Anderson was sparring on CNN with political commentator, Jeffrey Lord. Jeffrey is ride-or-die for Donald Trump (you know, the most tragic and heroic victim of the Salem witch trials?) and was defending him when Anderson finally had it. Continue reading

Pippa Middleton Got Married, And Okay, But Future Princess Meghan Was Nowhere To Be Seen!

May 20, 2017 / Posted by:

After what felt like years and years of hearing about this wedding, Pippa Middleton, better known as the owner of the ass that stole her sister’s royal wedding and Kunty Karl’s favorite beauty, finally got married to that billionaire financier dude James Matthews at St Mark’s Church in Englefield, Berkshire today. Now bring on the grainy cell phone pictures of a drunken and topless Prince Hot Ginge and Pippa’s reality douche bro-in-law Spencer Matthews fist bumping on the dance floor at the reception.

Continue reading

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