Who Bought Holly Golightly’s Dress?

/ December 6, 2006

Audrey Hepburn’s black gown worn famously in Breakfast at Tiffany’s sold for around $800,000 at Christie’s in London. The dress was designed by Givenchy and is a size 6. The bidding war ended when a mysterious telephone caller won the auction, paying 6 times more than the original estimate. The auction also broke records for the highest bid for a gown in a film.

Rumors are that Posh Spice purchased the dress. Posh already owns one of Audrey Hepburn’s diamond chokers and has expressed interest in the lot. Posh’s spokeswhore said, “I have no idea if she’s been involved in the bidding.”

Christie’s would of course not comment on who won the bidding, but did say they lived in Europe.

$800,000?!!! Hell, you can buy a similiar won at Windsor Fashions for $80 I’m not joking!


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Ghetto!!! Child Services Wants Brit Brit!

/ December 6, 2006

Deja vu y’all! Britney Spears has been receiving calls from the Los Angeles Department of Child and Family Services. CFS spoke to Britney before when she kept dropping her kids and shit. Well, this time they want to speak to her and set up a time when they can come out and check on JJ and SPF. Her recent nights out with Fat Elvis aka Brandon Davis and flashing her burnt bagina may have triggered this.

A source said, “The department has been calling Britney trying to set up a meeting with her, so they can check on [Spears’ baby sons Sean Preston and Jaden James]. The calls started after this recent bout of bizarre public behavior.”

Britney’s mother and her family members are also concerned for Brit Brit. They are apparently trying to stage an intervention to curb her partying and her associations with certains pieces of trash.

Please, I’m sure her brats are fine. She has the money to pay some hos to take care of her kids while she’s busy airing the coochie. Child Protective Services needs to focus on the skanks that really don’t know how to treat their kids. It was just a bad couple of weeks for this piece of trash. She just needs to get it out of her system. I hope.


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Jen & Vince Break-Up For Real

/ December 5, 2006

Reps for Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn have announced that the couple are done and that Jen is a man. Ok, not the last part. The statement reads:

“After Jennifer’s trip to London several weeks ago, Jennifer and Vince mutually agreed to end their relationship, but continue to be good friends today.” The two began dating last summer. For the past few weeks break-up rumors surrounded them.

The couple began dating last summer while working on The Break-Up in Chicago. “She’s awesome,” Vaughn told PEOPLE in June 2005. “She has just a wonderful warmth and likeability about her.” Rumors of a romance began to swirl almost immediately when they started filming – especially after the costars appeared touchy-feely at the film’s wrap party last year – but both insisted they were just friends. Aniston told Vanity Fair, “I adore Vince Vaughn, but I’m not going out with Vince Vaughn.” Vaughn told Katie Couric on the Today show at the time, “(Jen’s) been great, and we’ve been having a great time shooting the movie. But that’s really been the extent of it.”

Vince is now free to mate with his true love, Stay Puft Marshmallow man. Seriously they are twins. Jen is free to…well.she’s free to um…ugh can’t she just go away!!!!


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