KFed Makes Us All Laugh!

/ November 8, 2006

That KFed is such a joker. He actually thinks he has a chance. He has filed documents and is fighting Britney Spears for custody of their two children. I mean…how cute. He wants complete custody of the two kids with visitation rights. He also wants spousal support. Looks like we got a good old fashioned war, folks.

I can’t wait to see what lies he’s going to spread. He’s going to say some scandalous shit about her ass. I mean what is going to be his reason?

What a tool. However, I’d still hit it. Click here to see the official documents.


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What the Hell Kind of GD Outfit is That?!

/ November 8, 2006

Is it at all possible that Jodie Marsh has a stylist? If it is possible then is it possible that her stylist is a gay tiger with the shakes? I mean…who on Earth would put on this hideous mixture? Leave it to this piece of trash to figure something out of an old pair of overalls and disgarded lingerie from the discount bin at Frederick’s. Anyway, she put this mess together at the DVD launch for Grease. I think she’s supposed to be like a sexy mechanic from the Amazon. Homegirl needs to be put away.

She attended the party with some fag named Ricky Parfitt Jr. I mean even if he isn’t gay, his name is. Jodie has terrible wonky eye, but that’s from a load in the eye earlier in the evening.

marshtrash6.jpg marshtrash5.jpg marshtrash4.jpg

marshtrash3.jpg marshtrash2.jpg

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Who Gave Madge a Beating?

/ November 8, 2006

Madge is sporting a bruised face after she was shoved by a paparazzi at London’s Heathrow airport. She was carrying her new son, David, when the photographer ran into her. A source said, “She had the baby in her arms when it happened. When she landed in London, there was a lot of pushing and shoving. She was jostled around. She got hit in the paparazzi’s commotion.”

Please, it was probably just a little shove. The elderly bruise easily.

Pic: Splash
Thanks Youri

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Sharon is Hot, Kimora is Not

/ November 8, 2006

Don’t worry, Sharon Stone and Kimora Simmons are not new BFFs, they are both helping to fight AIDS by partying the night away with Duran Duran. The amfAR Benefit and auction with Duran Duran was held last night in NYC at Cipriani. Sharon Stone hosted the event. Kimora was there to be annoying.

Riddle me this, is that real fur Sharon is wearing? She’s not with AIDS, but is ok with animals dying? Anyway, she should save an animal and wear Kimora’s wig. I’m going to assume it’s fake.

The one thing that isn’t fake is Kimora’s dick!

gross2.jpg gross5.jpg gross6.jpg

gross7.jpg gross4.jpg gross3.jpg

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