Please Make Her Stop!!!

/ November 12, 2006

Here we go again! This hag cannot take a damn break. Madonna is working with Agnetha Faltskog and Frida Lyngstad from ABBA for her new album. Madge has already sampled the duo’s “Gimme Gimme Gimme” for “Hung Up” from her last album, “Confessions of an Aging Vagina.”

A source close Madge said, “Madonna has been in contact with Agnetha and Frida for a few months. Madonna was the driving force behind the idea because she was so happy with her sample of Gimme Gimme Gimme on Hung Up. Agnetha and Frida loved it, they really warmed to Madonna for rejuvenating one of their most famous tracks.”

Recording is set to start in the next few weeks. Why?! Homegirl just bought a damn baby. Doesn’t she want to play with her new purchase before she starts working again? I mean…even her face is asking her for a vacation.


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Brangelina Head to Mumbai

/ November 12, 2006


Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and company left Pune, India yesterday and traveled to Mumbai, India. They have been in India since October 5th and are in Mumbai to finish shooting “A Mighty Heart.” The family flew by private helicopter and have checked into a luxury hotel in South Mumbai.

Fascinating stuff, eh? Angie looks like she’s gaining some weight, which is a good thing. Maddox is still the King of the World.

angie7.jpg angie41.jpg angie11.jpg

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Is KFed Selling the Britney Sex Tape?

/ November 12, 2006

According to sources, KFed is currently in negotiations to sell a sex tape he made with Britney Spears for $50 million. One company in Arizona is willing to pay the fee. KFed is using the tape in negotiations with his ex. He’s willing to sell her the tape for $30 million and custody of their two sons.

The tape was filmed in the first few weeks they were together at the Beverly Hills Hotel. It shows Britney and KFed getting down and dirty with her performing several sexy acts on his nasty ass. A source said, “At the time the two of them were in the honeymoon stages of the relationship and couldn’t keep their hands off each other. They did nothing all day but have sex—and play the odd game of chess.”

Play chess? Ok, this story has to be a falsity. These two dingbat can’t even play Go-Fish let alone, Chess. The same source claims that Kfed will do anything to get back at her and this is his ticket.

A source close to Britney said, “She is absolutely furious with Kevin, and knows a full-on sex video could almost certainly ruin her chance of a career come-back.

“They were made for the couple to watch in the privacy of their home. She never thought that he’d threaten to SELL them.”

The same source claims that the reason for their break-up is that Brit caught him with another woman. She is also sick of him cheating with hookers and his constant cocaine use.

This story comes from the News of the World so take it for what it’s worth. I think there’s some kind of clause in Britney’s prenup that states KFed cannot sell a tell-all about them nor do anything to hurt her career. I may be mistaken, but I’m pretty she has that shit.

I bet you Britney sucks at giving head.

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Birthday Sluts

/ November 12, 2006

Ryan Gosling (26)
Omarion (21)
Ethan Zohn (33)
Anne Hathaway (24)
Tevin Campbell (30)
Radha Mitchell (33)
Tonya Harding (36)
Sammy Sosa (38)
David Schwimmer (40)
Megan Mullally (48)
Karen Ziemba (49)
Neil Young (61)

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Anna Wintour Isn’t on the Britney Bus

/ November 11, 2006

Anna Wintour and Vogue magazine have apparently turned down Britney Spear’s offer to appear on the cover with her new body. Brit had hoped that photos of her and son, Jayden James would appear in the magazine. A source said, “She really wanted the photos to run in Vogue, but they turned her down. She’s now reconsidering her options.”

She has been offered around $2 million for the photos by other publications, but won’t take any money. Why? Because she’ll have to give half to KFed.

Britney returned to her doofus ways on a hot night out in NYC on Friday. CVS bags, Santa hat, fugly outfit? Even her bodyguard is grossed out being seen with her.


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