Jessica Simpson Can’t Do Anything Right!

/ December 4, 2006

The Kennedy Center Honors were held in DC last night and Jessica Simpson tried to perform a tribute to Dolly Parton. Jessica came onstage and started to sing “9 to 5,” but quickly effed up the lyrics and started to breakdown. She then told the audience she was “so nervous” and walked offstage. She came back for the finale, but was in tears.

Stupid ass! Who doesn’t know the lyrics to 9 to 5? This dumbass probably started to sing 3 to 4, because those are the hours she works. Dolly should give her a slap down for that mess. Jessica was to pay tribute to Dolly NOT focus the attention on herself.

That being said, I can’t wait to see video of this!


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Katharine McPhee Quote of the Day!

/ December 4, 2006

Katharine McPhee at the Vh1 Big in ’06 Awards on 12/3

on the last time the admitted bulimic threw up:

“I don’t think people want to read that. [Laughs] I’m supposed to be the sweet all-American girl from American Idol. I remember barfing all night long. I would wake up and I would already have barfed, and I didn’t even know I was barfing. And to top it off, everything was just bright purple. Like, the pad Thai noodles were purple.”


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“Prison Break” Actor Involved in Deadly Car Crash

/ December 4, 2006

26-year-old Lane Garrison who plays “Tweener” on Prison Break was involved in a car crash on Saturday in Beverly Hills that killed a 17-year-old boy. No word yet on who was driving the SUV, but it was registered to Lane. Lane was also in the car with two 15-year-old girls when the car jumped the curb and hit a tree.

Lane and one of the girls were treated for minor injuries. The other girl is in the hospital in critical condition.

A police sgt. said, “There have been no charges. The case is under investigation. There has been no confirmation of information regarding what happened. The ID of the driver is still to be determined.”

No word yet on if other vehicles were involved.

TMZ has video of Lane involved in an accident with his SUV just weeks before.

Hmm…I wonder if he was related to these kids? My guess is that Lane was driving drunk. Just my two cents. If no other car was involved and the car his a tree for no reason, someone was drunk.

UPDATETMZ is reporting that Garrison was driving the SUV and might have been drinking. Scandal!

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Mel B is Knocked Up!

/ December 4, 2006

While strolling through London’s Heathrow Airport on Friday Melanie B aka Scary Spice pretty much confirmed that she’s pregnant with Eddie Murphy’s baby. The couple have been dating a few months, but haven’t went public.

She’s apparently 5-months pregnant and told a passenger, “I’m great. I couldn’t be happier and am looking forward to the baby.”

Homegirl looks kind of hot here. She usually looks like a tranny-in-distress, but I’ll give her props. Having Eddie’s money is working wonders for her look.


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Pete Doherty is a Genius or a Lucky Son of a Bitch!

/ December 4, 2006

Pete Doherty won’t be serving any jail time for possession of heroin and crack a judge ruled today. The 27-year-old wreck will only have to pay $1,525 in fines and court costs. Kate Moss will cover that, because you know ho is broke as a joke. The judge also told him not to drive for 4 months and Pete like promised really bad that he wouldn’t.

Which arrest was this one for? It was for an April arrest when he was arrested just three hours after he was sentenced for another charge.

How is this happening?! I honestly don’t know how many times this trash ball has been arrested. If I would guess…I’d say 4,567 times. Yeah, that’s a low ball figure. Blohan needs to move to London immediately. She could probably get away with snorting coke right in front of the courthouse!


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