Birthday Sluts

/ January 17, 2007

Jim Carrey (45)
Zooey Deschanel (27)
Freddy Rodriguez (32)
Kid Rock (36)
Bart Freundlich (37)
Naveen Andrews (38)
Denis O’Hare (45)
Susanna Hoffs (48)
Steve Harvey (51)
Muhammad Ali (65)
Maury Povich (68)
James Earl Jones (76)
Eartha Kitt (80)
Betty White (85)

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KFed Got a Job

/ January 16, 2007

KFed will star in his own commercial during the Super Bowl. He will follow in the illustrious footsteps of MC Hammer and Fabio and bring his stankness to a Nationwide Insurance ad. The company’s motto is “Life comes at you fast” and I’m not sure how they are going tie this in with KFed.

I think they should basically just recreate the MC Hammer commercial that I posted above. I mean they could save some dough by just posting KFed’s head on Hammer’s body. They have the same moves.


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Dixie Carter?

/ January 16, 2007

Unfortunately, this is not 67-year-old Dixie Carter. It’s 33-year-old Rose McGowan at the InStyle GG party last night. What happened to her? Did she have a botched face lift? She looks like a Dr. 90210 reject that is using coke to numb the pain. She has serious coke face. Did her pimp put out his cigar on her face?

Here she is in various sates of fug with David Spade, Alyssa Milano, Kerry Washington and some blonde chick.

rose15.jpg rose13.jpg rose11.jpg rose12.jpg

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Hercules Has AIDS!!!!!

/ January 16, 2007

Last Friday I wrote about the fat ho will all have come to know as Hercules. Hercules is the 20-pound fat ass cat that got stuck in a doggy door when it was trying to steal food from a neighbor’s house. What a hog. Hercules was assumed to be a stray, but a man has claimed the cat as his own.

Unfortunately, Hercules has been diagnosed with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus aka Feline HIV. Cat AIDS is very different than human HIV. Cats can live a long time with the disease, but should remain indoors so he doesn’t spread the disease.

Poor Hercules! Is he going to get skinny now? My thoughts and paws are with him!

Thanks Candee

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