/ January 2, 2007

God,why couldn’t you have taken me instead? Better yet, why couldn’t you have taken Jordan?! Well, the tard has hit the fan! Harvey Price was injured in his home yesterday afternoon and received serious burns. It is not known where he was burned or how. He was rushed to the hospital right before Jordan and Peter Andre’s big New Year’s Eve bash. The party was cancelled and Jordan has been at his side every since. Harvey is currently in a specialist burns unit at London’s Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. A source close to Jordan claims Harvye will be in the hospital for a while.

Jordan is four months pregnant with Peter Andre’s second child. Harvey is partially blind and is also autistic. How could Jordan do this to him? You know her stupid ass was trying to make some special dinner and burned his ass. Dumb slags don’t belong in the kitchen, because things like this happen!

Oh Harvey, whatever you do…don’t go towards the light! If you do see the light, please ask the man standing at the end of it if he can take your tramp-bag mother instead. He will agree to this.

All of you must pray for Harvey! He is an angel sent to us!

That is all…..


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Birthday Sluts

/ January 2, 2007

Taye Diggs (36)
Kate Bosworth (24)
Paz Vega (31)
Dax Shepard (31)
Christy Turlington (38)
Cuba Gooding Jr. (39)
Tia Carrere (40)
Todd Haynes (46)
Gabrielle Carteris (46)

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Britney Spears Did Not Die or OD

/ January 1, 2007

Earlier I posted on how Britney Spears collapsed at around 1am this morning while hosting a party at Pure in Las Vegas. It was reported that she was dragged out of the club. Larry Rudolph, her manager, claims that she was just tired.

He said, “By about one o’clock, she was just done, so we took her out. She was not drunk. She was just tired and falling asleep.”

He said that she didn’t seek medical attention nor did anyone carry her out. He said they both walked out of the club together.

A source said, “She was absolutely not carried out of the club. Her security and Pure’s security walked her out … She didn’t pass out or faint or any of that.”

Booring and they need to stop lying. She was tired, because she was DRUNK! There’s nothing wrong with it, but less be real. You know JJ had to hold up his mommy’s weave while she yacked raw fish into the toilet again! Britney ask Lindsay Lohan about “the steps.”

Source and Image Source

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Let’s Hope Homegirl Got a Prenup

/ January 1, 2007

I guess the rumors were true. Kate Moss married Pete Doherty in Phuket, Thailand today.

The Daily Mail reports:

The couple exchanged vows before a select few friends and family members in a forty minute ceremony held at their six star hotel villa overlooking the sea.

The presence of Miss Moss’s personal assistant perhaps to help plough through beaurocratic red tape – and Kate’s mother Linda and brother Nick being at the ceremony in Phuket – are being seen as an indication that a formal legally-binding ceremony took place.

After seeing in the New Year under a £100,000 fire works display alongside other hotel guests including the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, and her daughters Beatrice and Eugenie, the 32-year-old supermodel and Doherty, 27, retired to bed shortly before 1am, ahead of their big day.

Miss Moss is understood to have warned Doherty against late nights of drugs consumption in Thailand, where such behaviour can carry the death penalty.

Yesterday the pair were awoken with a room service breakfast before preparing, in different rooms, for the ceremony.

At 1.30pm Thai time – 6.30am UK time – the Babyshambles singer and Miss Moss exchanged vows in the picturesque private gardens of their five-bedroomed £4,500-per-night villa at the Amanpuri hotel.

Wearing a white Galliano shift dress and her blonde hair loose, Miss Moss looked on adoringly at her groom, who was dressed in an all-black linen suit and his trademark pork pie hat.

For the ceremony, the gardens and villa were decorated with flower petals, fragrant jasmine, orchids and a floral archway. White and pale pink lotus flowers decorated the pool.

With security at a maximum, staff guarded the perimeter of the villa, preventing any uninvited guests from wandering in.

It was unknown last week if Pete would even travel to Thailand, because of his legal problems in the UK. I hope Kate was smart enough to get a prenup. She’s worth apparently $50 million. What a dumb ass she is. He’s only going to snort and drink through her cash and what kind of father can he be to her daughter? Oh well, at least they probably had a really hot wedding reception filled with all the snow you can blow!

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