What’s Going on with Rosario Dawson’s Crotch?

/ October 29, 2006

Dlisted reader, RCameron pointed out a little bulge in Rosario’s gown. I’m sure it’s just some air down there, but it looks like a straight-up dick! Anyway, the bitch on the right is Ivanka Trump and although I used to think she was hotter than hot…I’m not so sure now. The pictures below are from her birthday party at Pure (ugh, so cliche) and although she’s a pretty girl, there’s just something about her that rings false. Oh and homegirl can’t dress.

ivanka4.jpg ivanka3.jpg ivanka2.jpg ivanka1.jpg

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Parasite Mistaken for Parasite

/ October 29, 2006

Parasite Hilton was dining at Koi with Pamela Anderson recently when a stranger approached her table and said, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you look like Paris Hilton.” I guess her skankness didn’t like this and she flipped out telling the bitch that she was Paris Hilton.

Ya see, this piece of trash is even starting to look like a carbon copy of herself. Above is wonky eye herself at the Carousel of Hope Ball last night. They actually let her in? She’s wearing the cheapest dress I’ve ever seen. She bought that shit at the Disney store. Dumb skank!


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Whitney Houston is the Queen of the Night

/ October 29, 2006

A glowing Whitney Houston was all smiles last night at the Carousel of Hope Ball in Los Angeles. She escorted Clive Davis and quickly became the star of the event. She greeted everyone from Usher to Halle Berry with a smile and poise. She looks really hot and really happy now that she’s gotten rid of the junk in her life. Whitney didn’t speak to press, probably because she didn’t want to hear Bobby Brown’s name. We’re glad this ho is finally back! Bitch is hot shit.

whit9.jpg whit8.jpg whit7.jpg whit6.jpg
whit5.jpg whit4.jpg whit3.jpg

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Birthday Sluts

/ October 29, 2006

Ben Foster (26)
Tracee Ellis Ross (34)
Gabrielle Union (34)
Winona Ryder (35)
Rufus Sewell (39)
Randy Jackson (45)
Finola Hughes (46)
Kate Jackson (58)
Richard Dreyfuss (59)
Melba Moore (61)

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