Birthday Sluts

/ December 14, 2006

Patty Duke (60)
KaDee Strickland (29)
Tammy Blanchard (30)
Tia Texada (33)
Natascha McElhome (35)
Beth Orton (36)
Ted Raimi (41)
Alice Ripley (43)
Lee Remick (71)

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Is Nicole Richie Going to the Big House?

/ December 13, 2006

TMZ is reporting that Nicole Richie could face jail time from her recent DUI on Monday. Nicole was previously arrested for DUI in 2002. She told cops she only ate frenchies and had a shot of vodka. Richie was stopped in her Toyota Corolla after a UCLA police officer observed her blowing a red light and driving over a speed bump at more than 50 miles an hour in an area with a 15 mph speed limit. Her license was suspended and she was put on probation. Months later she was arrested again for having heroin and driving under a suspended license.

California law states that if you’re convicted twice for a DUI you must serve 5 days in jail.

Well, she looks good in black and white or orange, whatever they wear nowadays. She’s going to be someone’s wife too. She’ll made a good wife except for the cooking part.

Please they are going to cut her ass some slack and probably make her stay at a Holiday Inn or a Motel 6.

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Does Queen Latifah Have a Broken Lesbian Heart?

/ December 13, 2006

Rumors are circulating that Queen Latifah has broken it off with her girlfriend of 3 years. Queen Latifah has never publicly spoke about her sexuality or relationships. She has never denied, but she’s never admitted to being gay.

Concrete Loop is reporting that they have received some tips that Queen was dating her trainer, Jeanette Jenkins.

Word has it that Queen Latifah and her rumored girlfriend, Jeanette Jenkins, broke it off after three years of dating. Jenkins is a trainer who has worked with numerous stars, and some of you may have seen her in those heath commercials that air on BET.

Also rumor has it that Jeanette is about to go public with the news that she used to date Queen.

A sad lesbian is a sad thing. Again, I’m not saying that she is gay or that she’s ever had a relationship with Jeanette. It’s purely rumor. She’s still my favorite Cover Girl. Oh and this makes sense since she was probably spending time boinking the trainer instead of working out!

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