Brad Pitt Will Not Be a Christmas Bride

/ December 9, 2006

I posted yesterday a story coming from the UK stating that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would marry before Christmas in South Africa. The report stated that a friend close to the couple was invited and also that Oprah was invited, because of her charity work in South Africa.

Brad Pitt’s spokeswhore denies the story and says it is completely made up and there is no truth to it. A friend said that Oprah would never be invited to their wedding, because they can’t stand her. No, they said that Oprah wasn’t that close to the couple.

Poor Oprah, I’ll invite her to my wedding to CoCo so she doesn’t feel that left out.

Maddox is behind this, I know it.


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Does She Come With a Receipt?

/ December 9, 2006

Many of you have already seen this “WTF” commercial from Walgreens. BWE posted this Holiday commercial featuring our favorite crazy Canadian, Celine Dion. A family is woken up from their sugarplum dreams only to find this insane ho lying under their tree trying to be a sex kitten.

That bitch better come with a gift receipt!

Click here to watch if you can’t see the video above!

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Madge Almost Shows Us Her Cookie, Gets Into Fight With Hubby

/ December 9, 2006

Madonna and her husband, Guy Ritchie, caused quite a scene at a restaurant in the Mayfair district of London the other night. What was supposed to be a romantic, candlelit dinner at Cecconi’s turned out to be a disaster. Diners witnessed Guy basically bitch her out while she sat there and played with her food.

A witness said, “The atmosphere between them was more than frosty. Guy was the one who was raising his voice the most – you couldn’t help but hear what he was saying. They were sitting in a corner booth and he was telling her that he’d had enough of her being so controlling all the time and that something had to give. Madonna tried to give it back to him, but he would just talk over her. She just seemed really embarrassed. They didn’t enjoy their meal and left after about an hour and a half.”

The couple’s 6-year wedding anniversary is only weeks away and some critics say they won’t make it. They are apparently seeking marriage help from a top British therapist.

Madonna is also under fire for wearing a real chinchilla coat and almost showing her kitty cat. Poor Madge. She just can’t catch a break can she? She adopts a kid and people yell at her ass, she wears fur and people call her ass names. I’m just thankful she’s wearing tights and didn’t show the key to the underworld.

I’m sure these two crazy kids will work it out. I mean she’s richer than Jesus and Guy…


Thanks Youri

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Birthday Sluts

/ December 9, 2006

Jesse Metcalfe (28)
Jakob Dylan (37)
Felicity Huffman (44)
Mario Cantone (47)
Donny Osmond (49)
John Malcovich (53)
Joan Armatrading (56)
Michael Nouri (61)
Beau Bridges (65)
Dame Judi Dench (72)
Kirk Douglas (90)

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