Who’s in Britney’s Corner?

/ April 6, 2007
Is Larry Rudolph, Britney Spears' manager? FOXNews tried to find out who is in charge of microphone head, but couldn't track down any answers. They found out that nobody is really calling the shots and that Britney doesn't even like Larry and wants out.
Brit left Larry's agency in 2004, but got back together with him last year when she split with KFed. Larry was supposed to help her get back on track.
An inside source said, “She signed a five year contract with him. She says she didn’t know what she was doing at the time, and can’t stand him. But what can she do? Bring in a lawyer and say she signed under duress? That she was drunk or stoned?”
FOXNews tried to call Larry, but didn't get any answers. They also tried Brit's lawyer, who didn't return their calls. Brit no longer has a personal publicist and her record company publicist didn't answer their calls at all either. So who is in charge of Britney?
I know the answer to that! It's the agency of SPF & JJ! I think the agency of Red Bull & Vodka also handles some of her legal matters.
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Fitty is a Moron

/ April 6, 2007
50 Cent called into Hot 97's Miss Jones morning show in NYC yesterday to talk about Tony Yayo's assault case. Tony is a member of 50's G-Unit crew and was arrested last month for attacking Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond's 14-year-old son. Jimmy is a rival of the crew. 50 said that his crew had nothing to do with the attack.
He should've left it at that, because he went on to say, "Worry about the Je-Je-Je-Jew unit. They're the real goon squad. When the lawyers come out, you'll see what it is. I don't pay nobody. I only pay the lawyers."
I don't even know what that means. It sounds racist, but this idiot has no idea what he's talking about, so it's confusing. He's calling all Jews, goons? I'm confused. Somebody slap that ho and then get me a 50-Cent Thesarus.
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Which One Would You Hit?

/ April 5, 2007
Courtney Love and her 10-roll tummy or the Firefighter arrested in a bikini?
Hahaha…while Courtney terrorized tourists in Hawaii, Steven S. Cole was arrested at Heritage Oak Park in Ohio for drunken driving, having an open container, public indecency and disorderly conduct. Yup, he wore a blonde wig and a bikini during his park adventure.
So who would you rather hit?
Click here to read the entire firefighter story
Thanks Clint & Mr. Innit
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