Eddie Murphy and Mel B Not Together?!

December 4, 2006 / Posted by:

Eddie Murphy just gave an interview to a Dutch TV reporter from RT Boulevard ,an entertainment show, about “Dreamgirls” and of course the reporter asked about his relationship with Melanie Brown aka Scary Spice. Eddie told the reporter that they were no longer together and he isn’t sure if that’s his baby or not. He said that he wants DNA testing to see if the baby is his or not.

WTF?!!!! I just posted this morning on how she’s telling people she’s so happy to be having Eddie’s baby. Scary Spice is a scary slut?! If this is true, that’s cold! Eddie Murphy is a heartless, tranny lover! Somebody call Maury we need to get on this.

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Madge Seeks Marriage Help

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Madonna has looked to a top British therapist to help her crumbling marriage to Guy Ritchie. Apparently, her marriage is on the rocks and she really wants to fix it. She can fix it by jumping off a cliff. Anyway, sources claim the couple’s 6-year marriage is pretty much almost over.

The source said, “The marriage is near rock-bottom. They’ve been putting on a united front in public but behind closed doors their marriage has come under strain. The publicity surrounding the adoption has created a difficult atmosphere in their London home. But they are determined to make the marriage work and after a long heart-to-heart they both decided to seek the help of a marriage guidance specialist.”

Why is Guy wasting his time? He just needs to dump hag face. She’s already ruined his career. Here’s picture of the two leaving dinner. Damn, those paparazzi are probably hoping for Madge to pull a Britney. If that happened I think all of their lenses would break into a million pieces and the city of London would crumble.



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Jessica Simpson Can’t Do Anything Right!

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The Kennedy Center Honors were held in DC last night and Jessica Simpson tried to perform a tribute to Dolly Parton. Jessica came onstage and started to sing “9 to 5,” but quickly effed up the lyrics and started to breakdown. She then told the audience she was “so nervous” and walked offstage. She came back for the finale, but was in tears.

Stupid ass! Who doesn’t know the lyrics to 9 to 5? This dumbass probably started to sing 3 to 4, because those are the hours she works. Dolly should give her a slap down for that mess. Jessica was to pay tribute to Dolly NOT focus the attention on herself.

That being said, I can’t wait to see video of this!


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The “Who Cares?” News

December 4, 2006 / Posted by:

Did Lance Bass finally dump Reichen? – Queerty

Tootie is preggers! – SOW

Heather Mills needs dough, yeah right – INO

Paris Hilton backs out of hosting the Billboard Awards tonight, because she doesn’t want to make fun of her friends onstage. She’d rather do that BEHIND their backs. – People

Russell Crowe’s pr team has had enough – Gabsmash


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