Blonde Pubes

/ April 12, 2007
Steve Sanders has reportedly been offered $100,000 to show the meat in Playgirl. Ian Ziering is currently on "Dancing with the Stars" and is apparently considering the offer. His 90210 co-star Brian Austin Green also posed for the magazine ten years ago.
If Ian accepts he has to wait until DWTS is over, because Disney isn't going to like that.
$100k is a little cheap, but I do want to see what the Sanders has to offer. I hate blonde pubes on dudes though so I hope he waxes or dyes it. 
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/ April 12, 2007
How can you not be in love with Pete Doherty? He is a dreamboat in every sense of the word. Look at him. I just want to lick that cheek scab clean. I mean if I wasn't barren, I'd carry his child. Yes it would be a crack baby, but that only means it would be skinnier. 
Here's Petey before the gig where he announced to the world that he was engaged to Kate (see below). 
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