Faith Hill Freaks Out When Carrie Underwear Wins

November 7, 2006 / Posted by:

Carrie Underwear won big at the CMAs last night sending Faith Hill into a hissy fit. When Carrie was announced as the Country Female of the Year, Faith is seen saying to the camera “What” after throwing her hands up. Part of me thinks she was just joking, but still. Stupid slut needs to give the youngins their credit. Oh and Faith’s hair belongs on a drag queen.

underwear2.jpg underwear1.jpg underwear3.jpg

hill3.jpg hill2.jpg hill1.jpg

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Olsen Wannabes

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Parasite Hilton famously started dating Nachos right after he dated Mary-Kate Olsen. Nicky Hilton is taking a cue from her skank sister and has recently started dating one of Ashley Olsen’s exes. Nicky has been seen out with David Katzenburg. A source said, “They have gone to dinner but have not hit the clubs together. They are trying to keep it quiet for a little bit and keep it on the sly.

Nicky recently broke-up with “Entourage” star Kevin Connolly after he cheated on her fug ass. It still boggles my mind when men actually want to date Nicky. She is straight-up wretched. Imagine her without expensive clothes and make-up. Seriously.


The CAPTION THIS Contest Winner for November 6th!!!

November 7, 2006 / Posted by:

Please, shut your thai hole! – NoAnjl


A similar practice was used during Britney’s birth to Jayden. The Midwife and Kfed put on fat suits, Cut offs, and flip flops while sporting white witch hair on their heads and a corn dog in their free hand. –Fiz

Undecided on the next country of orgin for their adopted child, Angelina and Brad decided on a different country AND species. Meet Mandy-Pandy Jolie-Pitt. – Irish Freckle

Birthday Sluts

November 7, 2006 / Posted by:

Joni Mitchell (63)
Yoon-jin Kim (33)
Jason & Jeremy London (34)
Morgan Spurlock (36)
Christopher Knight (49)
Judy Tenuta (50)
Judy Parfitt (71)


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