Connor and Suri

/ December 29, 2006

Yeah, this is an old picture from TomKat’s wedding…but it’s going to be another one of those days. It’s a picture of Connor carrying little baby Suri. Overall it’s a cute picture, but I can see the pain in Suri’s eyes. Either that or she’s trying to push out a fart. She’s probably realizing the card that this cruel World has dealt her.

Source VIA JJB

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Paris Hilton is Still Infecting Australia

/ December 29, 2006

Paris Hilton and her suck-up, Kim Kardashian, are still in Australia. Paris is apparently getting paid upwards of $500,00 plus to promote some kind of low-carb beer. She will stay through the New Year and also judge some Bondi Blonde beauty contest. She spent yesterday shopping amidst a flurry of paparazzi flashes.

She also managed to make out with this poor stuffed, Kangaroo. I mean she’s like eating his face….he’s not a poop-shoot Paris! He’s a stuffed animal. Poor thing must have herpes now. I also love how Kim Kardashian just holds it up for her. She’s seriously just a maid with fake boobs and an annoying smirk.


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Julia Roberts is Knocked Up

/ December 29, 2006

Page Six is reporting that Julia Roberts is knocked up with child number 3. Julia has two twins with her husband, Danny Moder. Julia had a lot of trouble with her first pregnancy back in 2004. After several tests and lots of heartache she finally gave birth to two countrymice named Phinnaeus Walter and Hazel Patricia.

Julia has a busy working schedule ahead of her and it is unclear whether or not she will take some time off. Julia’s spokespeople would not comment.

Julia, please do not name them folktale character names this time. Phinnaeus and Hazel? It still pains me to hear those names. I automatically think of two little mice living in a mushroom cottage.

UPDATE – It’s true, her rep confirms it. Homegirl is due this Summer.

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One Last Celebrity DUI to End the New Year

/ December 29, 2006

Mike Tyson was arrested on suspicion of DUI and for having coke in his car. Mike was stopped at around 1:45 this morning in Scottsdale, Arizona. He was leaving a club when his car almost hit a police car. Yeah, why don’t you just handcuff yourself too? Ugh, anyway Mike submitted himself to sobriety tests which he did not pass. He was arrested and booked and will see a judge later today.

The above mugshot is from December 2004. He basically looks the same, like a total douce.


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