Eddie’s Already Got a New Piece

December 5, 2006 / Posted by:

Eddie Murphy’s date to last night’s “Dreamgirls” premiere in NYC was not Mel B aka Scary Spice. Scary told reporters at London’s Heathrow that she was carrying Eddie’s baby. Yesterday, Eddie told a Dutch reporter that he’s not sure if that’s his baby or not. Anyway, Eddie brought Tracey Edmonds as his date last night. Tracey is the ex-wife of music producer, Babyface.

Tracey said that they have been dating for about a month. Dumb ho better not get too comfortable. Eddie is going to knock her up and break-up with her ass via TV.



Bratz Doll or Rihanna?

December 5, 2006 / Posted by:

Is Rihanna made of wax? This chick does not look real. Did Jay-Z like go to some factory and have her made? I bet you if you open up her asshole there’s wires and shit up in there. That being said, she’s really hot. Oh and these pics were taken at that Music Awards crap last night.


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A Little Gwen and a Little Posh

December 5, 2006 / Posted by:

Janet Jackson looked pretty hot at last night’s Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. Her new wig was a cross between Posh’s do and Gwen’s do. She would’ve looked much hotter without Troll Dupree, but you can’t have it all. He didn’t even try to dress up. He looked like he was making a chicken run.

Like most of the performances last night, she sucked. Her dancing was painful and you could barely hear her. I’m also over the showing your abs bullshit.


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Gwen “Winds” Her Hair Up Into a Mess

December 5, 2006 / Posted by:

Is Gwen Stefani trying out for a role in The Jetsons movie? I’m all for trying new things, but didn’t she do this in the 90’s when she was “ska?” Homegirl is trying too hard these days to be that fashion icon everybody wants her to be. That dress looks like it’s made of plaster. Gavin Rossdale is outshining her fug ass! Her performance at the Billboard Music Awards last night was another story. That song could kill small children.


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The CAPTION THIS Contest Winner for December 4th!!!

December 5, 2006 / Posted by:


Andre and Dakota’s new line of clothing for the homeless called Park Bench is so versatile. Everything doubles as a blanket or pillow, is reversable for twice the wear, and has dark patterns to hide pee and puke stains. – Sweetas


Andre’s hoping to take a trip to “South Dakota” – Peggy

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