Finally Some Maddox!

/ May 10, 2007
Bradley Pitt and the original Angelina baby, Maddox, spent some quality time in Prague. Maddox is currently attending school in Prague while  Angie shoots a movie. Damn, that boy goes to a lot of school. Hope he's good at making friends.
Someone should also alert Maddox that Blake from American Idol totally stole his doo.  
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Afternoon Crumbs

/ May 10, 2007
Rambo is bringing the mullet back – TMZ 
Natalie Portman wants to be a webcam girl – Egotastic!
Fergie works out a lot – Hollywood Tuna
Jessica Simpson is a dumbass, gets into wrong car – ASL
Pamela Anderson's premiere in bed – Hollywood Rag
Angelina Jolie has a new commercial – IDLYITW
Heath Ledger is a total DILF – Just Jared
MK Olsen goes wild – Popsugar
Hot chicks with douchesCityrag
Amanda Peet is all wrapped up – ASL
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It’s Hard Being Blohan

/ May 10, 2007
Lindsay Lohan's lawyer would not confirm nor deny the pictures of Blohan allegedly snorting coke up her nose that were leaked to The News of the World . She's apparently really "upset" and has been crying non-stop, because she feels the world is out to get her.
Her attorney said, "This just goes to show how hard it is to be Lindsay Lohan, who's even denied her privacy in the sacred confines of a ladies'-room stall and then must fend off the slings and arrows of false allegation."
He's right. It's really hard being Lindsay Lohan. I mean partying every night and shopping everyday. Homegirl needs to reevaluate the "friend situation." She needs to stop letting any crackhead into her inner circle, becuase they will sell your ass out so fast. 
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