Hynie Gets Locked Out

December 26, 2006 / Posted by:

James Brown’s partner of over 5 years was locked out of her own home just hours after the death of James. Tomi Rae Hynie (lol Hynie) was also James’s back-up singer. The two married in 2001, but the marriage was null because Hynie was married to another man. Hynie says that she was on a retreat when she learned of her husband’s death. When she arrived at the couple’s home she found the front gate padlocked and the security guard told her that she wasn’t allowed inside due to orders from James’ lawyers.

Buddy Dallas, one of his lawyers said, “It’s not a reflection on her as an individual. I have not even been in the house, nor will I until appropriate protocol is followed.”

Buddy said that because they weren’t married she was merely a guest in his home. Hynie however does have a 5-year-old son with James and says she has a legal right to live there.

She said, “This is my home. I don’t have any money. I don’t have anywhere to go.”

Hynie and James didn’t have a perfect relationship. They apparently hadn’t seen each other for weeks leading up to his death. James was also convicted for beating her ass in 2001.

Dramz! Here’s another Anna Nicole Smith for you. Hynie should get something though, because she is the mother of his child. She gets points off for me though. Any good goldigger knows that you have to put some of his money to the side just in case of situations like this. She also should’ve rushed to his side when he was slowly dying and made him sign a grip load of documents. Dumb ho, it’s her own fault!


Hospital Bracelet?

December 26, 2006 / Posted by:

Lindsay Lohan made her way through LAX yesterday carrying a Gentlemen Prefer Blondes DVD and wearing a hospital bracelet. She probably goes to the hospital daily for a possible OD, so it’s probably best for her just to keep it on. Less trouble that way. She also needs to clean the dirt under her finger nails. Ugh, she’s rancid.


Image Source: INO


The New Michael Myers

December 26, 2006 / Posted by:

Tyler Mane will play the iconic Michael Myers in a remake of the original Halloween. Rob Zombie is writing and directing the remake. Malcolm McDowell has already been cast as Dr. Loomis.

Rob Zombie said, “I’m sure you all remember Tyler as Rufus from ‘The Devil’s Rejects,’ Sabretooth in the ‘X-Men’ and the unstoppable Ajax in ‘Troy. Tyler is mean, lean and ready to bring you the most psychotic Michael Myers yet.”

Production begins shortly with a August 31, 2007 release.

This is going to suck so hard. I won’t be surprised if it goes straight to Cinemax. I mean Rob Zombie can’t make a horror movie to save his life. They should’ve cast Jacko as Michael Myers, he’s way scarier and they’d save money on the mask!



He Cheated on Nicole Kidman with This?!

December 26, 2006 / Posted by:

Some piece of trash model is claiming that Keith Urban cheated on Nicole Kidman with her days leading up to their wedding. Amanda Wyatt, 23, said that the two boinked many times while Keith was dating Nicole.

She said, “I feel sorry for Nicole. Keith cheated on her repeatedly with me, right up to just before they got married. He’s done it once and he will probably do it again. I know him as well as anyone and while he can be charming and loving, he is also someone who is constantly fighting his demons. I hope their marriage works – but leopards don’t change their spots.”

The Nashville native said she met Keith at a bar and he asked her if she “partied” meaning did she get coked up and the two went back to his place and did the deed all night. She says he was so tender and so gentle. She said that the affair continued until a month befor his wedding to Nicole. She also said that Keith was boozed and drugged up most of the time.

Amanda goes on and on and on. Basically, who cares? I mean sure it could’ve happened, but she’s not helping her story by selling it to a UK newspaper and by selling trashy pictures of herself. If I was Nicole I’d only feel bad that my husband was cheating on me with this busted face. Keith and Nicole probably don’t boink anyway, so it works out for her.


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We Get It! You’re Angels Sent from Heaven!

December 26, 2006 / Posted by:

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt spent their Christmas day by handing out gifts to refugee childrein San Jose, Costa Rica. This was part of her work as a United Nations Goodwill ambassador.

She said, “We had a wonderful Christmas both with the Costa Rican people and the Colombian refugee families we met,”

“The conflict in Colombia is the greatest humanitarian tragedy in the Western Hemisphere, but it receives very little international attention. My Christmas message to Colombian refugees and to the millions of displaced people in Colombia is that the world has not totally forgotten them.”

Publicity stunt! Yeah, they’re good people and blah blah blah. You know Maddox is pissed that they didn’t spend Christmas opening gifts under a tree.




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