Courtney Love Quote of the Day!

October 24, 2006 / Posted by:

on Mel Gibson saving her from addiction:

“I kept slamming the door in his face. There were two drug people with me who wouldn’t leave so he couldn’t get me to rehab. But because of Mel, the drugs people ran off to have a cheeseburger with him, because he’s Mel, and then my drug minder Warren could get me into rehab.”

*Editor’s Note* I know that bitch is broke, but she needs to stop wearing her daughter’s dresses. That shit is too small.

The Google

October 24, 2006 / Posted by:

President George Bush doesn’t use “the Google” often, but likes Google maps and thinks they are really cool. He likes looking up his awesome ranch. He also doesn’t e-mail. He also probably doesn’t know what the hell the reporter is talking about. He still uses a PC Jr. Do you think he ever googles “miserable failure?


Robbie Williams Angers Disabled Groups

October 24, 2006 / Posted by:

Robbie Williams has a song on his latest album, Rudebox, in which one of the lyrics is “dance like you just won the Special Olympics.” This little comment has upset disabled organizations and they have demanded the lyric be cut. They got what they wanted, because the single was released with the word “special” cut from it.

Some bitch from a disabled charity said, “I am a big Robbie Williams fan and I went to see him recently, but I will not be buying this album. I find the lyric about the Special Olympics highly offensive and it is rank disablism.”

People need to chill, disabled bitches are hot dancers. I get all my Friday night moves from the shortbus. Robbie is just being a douchebag as usual. He wishes he danced that hot.


Afternoon Crumbs

October 24, 2006 / Posted by:

Hugh Jackman’s beard needs trimming – Just Jared
Gwen Stefani’s new single – Popbytes
The stars come out for BoratMollygood
Elizabeth Hurley goes see-through – Hollywood Tuna
Jennifer Aniston makes her Broadway debut and really needed a comb – Egotastic!
The worst of the worst in Halloween costumes – Cityrag
Nicole Richie should focus on something on food and less on something called LCHollywood Rag
ScarJo’s full Allure spread – IDLYITW
Avril Lavigne is no model – A Socialite’s Life
Vanessa Manilliannilio is sleeping her way to the top – Popsugar
Because I love Danity Kane so much – Derek Hail



October 24, 2006 / Posted by:

TMZ solved the mystery of Britney Spears’ and KFed’s second child. There were rumors that it was a girl, but it’s a boy. Unfortunately, the name of the birth certificate, filed today, is Jayden James Federline NOT Sutton Pierce Federline. KFed signed the thing himself on September 13th. He can’t read too good, so SPF probably read him the details.

So there you go! Jayden James Federline it is! Click here to see the certificate, like you care.

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