I Can’t Even Comment Anymore

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Where does Britney Spears even buy these clothes?! Why is she trying to be sexy? So many questions and unfortunately I will never get the answers. I think coke and booze has rotted her brains.



Will They Oil Wrestle Already?!

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I already talked about Rosie O’Donnell’s response to Donald Trump on her blog. Well, here’s the response he left that caused Rosie to turn to her blog. It goes on and on, but it’s pretty entertaining. Donald just keeps the fat jokes coming and I especially like the part where he threatens to send one of his friends over to steal Rosie’s girlfriend. I love watching 60-year-olds behave like 12-year-olds. And Trump really has no business calling anyone fat!

Source: Defamer

Another Miss USA Scandal!!!

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Miss Nevada, Katie Reese, has caused another scandal in the Miss USA organization. Photographs of her exposing her nips and kissing other girls were leaked and posted on the internet. The photos show Katie getting drunk in a bar and taking off her pants. Why? Well, she is Miss Nevada.

Katie is set to compete for the Miss USA crown next year. Officials are apparently investigating this latest incident. In fairness, Katie took these photos in Tampa before she was crowned Miss Nevada. Damn, who knew being Miss USA could be so much fun? Donald Trump is probably already unizipping his pants ready for the next feeding. I can’t wait for this press conference to watch this whore fake cry!

Click here to see all the pics! Source: Canada.com
Thanks Steve


Gisele Can’t Be That Desperate!

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Page Six is reporting that Josh Hartnett and Scarlett Johansson’s brief make-out session last week didn’t really mean they got back together. Scarlett apparently wants an open relationship with Josh meaning they can bone anybody they want. After Josh made out with Scarlett on Friday he met up with Gisele Bundchen on Saturday at the Spotted Pig in the West Village and made out with her. Yeah, I’m sure he spotted her pig.

Gisele love the fat, dumb types right? First Leonardo DiCaprio and now this? Josh better have a dick made out of chocolate, cause I don’t know why these lovely ladies want to hit that.


Paris’ 12-Year-Old Love Letters to Nick Carter

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Who knows if these are real, but I’m going to believe it. These are apparently a set of love letters Parasite Hilton wrote to Nick Carter while they are together. Paris basically tells Nick over and over that she can’t believe these feelings are true and she hopes to be with him forever. That of course didn’t happen. This is exactly how I imagine Paris writing a love letter, like an 11yo. She basically just says the same thing over and over again without offering any explanation. I think her vagina wrote it actually. I want to see the letter she tells him that she just gave him the clap. You know there’s at least 5 of those kind of letters.


paris5.jpg paris4.jpg paris3.jpg paris14.jpg

Source: JJB


Here We Go Again!

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Rosie’s thinking of the Don while she kisses her wife

The children won’t stop fighting! Rosie O’Donnell went off on Donald Trump yesterday calling him some kind of snake man or something. She has a problem with him acting like the good guy for keeping Miss USA when he’s really a lowlife deep down. Donald fired back later in the day saying that he feels sorry for Rosie and that she’s a failure.

Well, Rosie couldn’t just let that be now could she? She went home and blogged about it in true Rosie fashion. Donald denied Rosie’s claims that he filed for bankruptcy. So, Rosie posted a lengthy Wikipedia article about Don’s finances. She followed it with.

loving the wiki
i use it
do u

i will let u know if the donald sues me
or if kelli leaves me for one of his pals
dont u find him charming

They are both losers. Expect Donald to fire back today by calling her a “really bad fat lesbian” or suing her. Does this mean Donald and Melania will never take an R vacation on the gay ship? I was looking forward to that.

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