Afternoon Crumbs

/ February 5, 2007

Oksana Bauil is the future of fashion – Hollywood Rag

Olivier Martinez moves on to Penelope Cruz hours after breaking up with Kylie MinogueASL

KFED’S FROAT SLASHED!!!!! – Just Jared

More pics of Tranny SimpsonIDLYITW

Celebrity trademarks – Cityrag

Jenny McCarthy does her best Jenna JamesonHollywood Tuna

Mimi continues to blame her film failures on 9/11 – Mollygood

Jackie Collins warns Posh & BecksGabsmash

KFed’s full Super Bowl commercial – College Humor

Prince’s Super Bowl purple rain – Popsugar

Tara Reid falls down…AGAIN – Egotastic!

Lily Allen’s “Alfie” video – Popbytes

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Britney’s Looking Good

/ February 5, 2007

Britney Spears actually looks really hot here while visiting Duane Reade in NYC last night. The cigarette makes her look extremely sophisticated. For once she’s wearing a really hot outfit and her hair looks healthy and clean. She looks skinny to boot! Damn, she should look like this more often.

By the way, everything I just wrote was a lie. I just get sick and tired of saying she looks like trash.


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Blohan Couldn’t Stay Away from the Clubs, Could She?

/ February 5, 2007

Lindsay Lohan spent another night away from rehab and surprisingly she spent it on the L.A. club scene. Blohan spent time with piece of trash and N-word lover, Paris Hilton. They hit Les Deux on Friday Night. Blohan also hit Area on Saturday night. Visit TMZ to see video of these dumbasses.

Can she just check out of rehab already? What’s the point? And for those of you that say “leave this poor girl alone” STFU! Stupid ho is an attention whore. She wants the paps following her around. I don’t feel sorry for her for a second. If she truly wanted to change, she’d go to rehab somewhere far away.

Yesterday, Lindsay went out with her friends below. She’s out of rehab more than she’s in it!

UPDATE – The upskirt is of the friend not Blohan. Sorry for those of you that wanted to see some firecrotch.

lohanrehab2.jpg lohanrehab3.jpg lohanrehab4.jpg lohanrehab5.jpg

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Aniston’s New Nose

/ February 5, 2007

Jennifer Aniston confirmed that she had a little nose work to fix a past problem last year. She had the work in December and debuted her now schnoze at the Santa Barbara Film Festival last night. Jen was in town to promote her directorial debut on “Room 10.” The movie stars Robin Wright Penn and Kris Kristofferson.

Below is Jen’s nose in October (on the right) and her nose yesterday. I can’t tell the different. She still looks an Afghan dog!


anistonnose5.jpg anistonnose4.jpg anistonnose3.jpg

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Vivica Fox’s Wig Runs Away From Her

/ February 5, 2007

It seems not only humans are scared of Vivica Fox’s plastic face, her plastic hair is scared of it too! Vivica recently had an embarassing moment in Miami. She was getting out of her car at the Raleigh Hotel when a witness said he saw something furry fall off her head onto the floor. He noticed that she looked strange and had really short hair. It seems her wig fell off her head!

She was heard saying, “I forgot – I took my pins out already.”

Can you blame her wig? I’d rather be Paris Hilton’s vag wig than sit on Vivica’s head? Actually, what am I saying?


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