Johnny Depp Might Be Marrying This

/ May 10, 2007
The myserious illness of Johnny Depp's 7-year-old daughter inspired him to propose to the baby mama, Vanessa Paradis. Johnny and Vanessa's daughter, Lily-Rose, was in the hospital last month after contracting E.coli shutting down her kidneys. Lily is fully recovered and ready to take part in her parent's wedding.
The couple have been together for 8 years and are looking to make it legal in the French village of Plan de la Tour this Summer.
Johnny needs to hand over that AMEX and make Vanessa get those bottle openers fixed first. While she's doing that she might as well drag Amy Winehouse along too. 
That being said, I think this is my favorite Hollywood couple. They hate the drama which is boring for us, but good for them. 
Source: Starpulse – Image: SplashNewsOnline
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No Sex for Eva

/ May 10, 2007
Eva LongWHORIA is currently in Paris making arrangements for her upcoming wedding to Tony Parker. He's like French or something that's why they are getting hitched in France. They will wed on July 7th and Eva has ordered a no-sex rule until they are legal.
She said, "Luckily, we're getting married after the play-offs and then we need to consummate the marriage. I scheduled it that way." Consummate? Who the hell uses that word anymore.
Upon hearing this news Tony said, "PHEW!!!! Can we keep that rule even after we're married?" 
Source: EL – Images: SplashNewsOnline
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