Birthday Sluts

/ February 8, 2007

Vince Neil (45)
Seth Green (33)
Mary McCormack (38)
Gary Coleman (39)
Larry Clarke (43)
John Grisham (52)
Mary Steenburgen (54)
Nick Nolte (66)
Ted Koppel (67)
John Williams (75)

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Are They Stuck Together?

/ February 7, 2007

It’s the Olsens! Yes, we know they’re creepy. Yes, we know that by looking at their pictures we are probably losing a tiny bit of our souls. Yes, we know that some polyester creature died so that Ashely could have something super fug to wear. Yes, we know that MK gave herself a wonk eye. Yes, yes, yes.

Anyway, here’s these two at the Jenni Kayne fashion show in NYC today.

fashionolsens4.jpg fashionolsens3.jpg fashionolsens2.jpg

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Glamour. Russian. Power. Money. Sex. Melania.

/ February 7, 2007

Does Melania Trump think she’s effin Anna Kareninina? Just cause you’re some kind of Russian doesn’t mean you’re damn AK and doesn’t mean that you can wear a fur hat. That being said, she looks perfect. All she’s missing is a dirty martini and a bottle of downers.

Here’s Mel and the Trump with Fergie (not Ferg) at Michael Kors today.

trumpmel2.jpg trumpmel3.jpg

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/ February 7, 2007

Britney Spears has crossed the line looking like a used tampon out in NYC yesterday. I mean….this has gone far enough. What is wrong with her? I’m being serious here when I say she might have a case of adult retardation. There’s such a thing, right? She has it. I think weed, KFed’s baby batter and red bull has done effed up her brains. Somebody get this heffer help!

Source: BritneyHighRes

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