Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Terrorize NYC!

/ April 20, 2007
Tinted shades, three-piece suit and shaggy hair? Tom Cruise is showing his true pimp. I mean he's basically Katie Holmes' pimp.  He's so weird and totally creeps me out. He probably has a very large collection of stuffed birds. Uck!
Tom brought out his doll, Katie Holmes, to the NYC Rescue Workers Detoxification Project Benefit Gala in NYC last night. Yup, that's his little Scientology project where he wants to help 9/11 workers using alien methods.  
Tom told the audience, "Nearly six years later, many are still paying a price for their heroic service at the World Trade Center. This is a profound injustice."
He then prayed to Xenu and oxygen tanks filled with planet gas dropped from the ceiling for every man, woman and child in the room.
Tom is finally looking like the cult leader he is! 
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