At Least She’s Dressing Her Age

October 27, 2006 / Posted by:

Dakota Fanning is seen here at last night’s CMT Giants Honoring Reba. She is finally dressing her age, 12. Dakota had a moment where she was totally creepy. Those Vogue pictures gave me nightmares for weeks. That movie where she has a sex scene and appears topless hasn’t come out yet, so until then I will cherish wholesome Dakota. I’m going to cut her some slack, because being 12 sucks in general and doing it in the public eyes is even worse.
dakota5.jpg dakota4.jpg dakota3.jpg dakota2.jpg

Morning Hotness

October 27, 2006 / Posted by:

Seeing Dolly Parton always puts a smile on my face and a little soul in my hole. No idea what that means, but let’s go with it. Yes, she’s had a little work but she admits it! She’s just country y’all! Here she is at CMT Giants Honoring Reba. Dolly is beautiful inside and out and she can never do no wrong. Ok, the make-up is a little wrong…..oh shit…I’ll stop!
dolly6.jpg dolly5.jpg dolly3.jpg dolly2.jpg

My Nightmare Has Returned

October 27, 2006 / Posted by:

Last season’s American Idol contained a little snot-nosed, fake-haired, phoney-accent, dumb-ass bitch named Kellie Pickler. Kick Pickler! Each week that I was subjected to her ass I wanted to jump through my TV and sock her in the bagina. She literally made the drums in my ears explode into a million little pieces. Well, she’s back to taunt me some more. Here’s the new single from her debut album. This song is probably one of Carrie Underwood’s cast-offs. The video looks like it was shot on a camcorder for $50. Kellie got that $50 from sucking off a High School Football team. Yeah, I’m bitter cause I thought that ho was gone for good!!!

Birthday Sluts

October 27, 2006 / Posted by:

Simon Le Bon (48)
Kelly Osbourne (22)
Patrick Fugit (24)
Vanessa Mae (28)
Matt Drudge (39)
Scott Weiland (39)
Marla Maples (43)
Roberto Benigni (54)
Jayne Kennedy (55)
John Cleese (67)
Ruby Dee (82)


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