Down with Richard Gere!

/ April 16, 2007

Richard Gere is a WANTED man in India. Indians were not happy when Richard forcefully hugged and kissed actress Shilpa Shetty at an AIDS Awareness event in India. Soon after the incident, effigies of Richard were burned in the streets and groups were heard shouting “Down with Richard Gere!”

The protesters said kissing Shilpa like that is against their culture.

Who gives an eff? It’s not like he did her in the ass in front of anyone. It was a stupid kiss and not even that hot. Richie is full of love and just wanted to give a little. People need to chill.


Thanks Patricia

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The Return of Menudo

/ April 16, 2007
Auditions began this Saturday in Miami for a new MTV-reality show that will create a new Menudo. The Latin boy-band is where Ricky Martin got his start. They were huge in the 80s and 90s and constantly changed their members when their asses got too old. 
Music manager Johnny Wright, a judge on the show, said, "We're going to make it a little different than it was before. The beat is going to be the beats of the street now _ club, hip-hop and rock. It's not going to be something that's pigeonholed."
7 boys will be picked for the series "The Road to Menudo" which starts airing next month on MTV Tr3s.
They need to wear the same outfits, because those boys knew how to dress. I'm sure Ricky Martin will somehow be involved. He'll want to "coach" the boys from their dressing rooms. I'm joking! Ricky likes his men, grown. 
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