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Kelis gave us a little too much while performing in New York. I’m not sure what was behind (besides her ass) these photos, but this isn’t cute. Does she have stretch marks near her chocha? She’s so much hotter when she covers up that ass. That poor mic stand almost met its fate.


kelis3.jpg kelis2.jpg


Ball Anxiety?

November 13, 2006 / Posted by:

If you have “ball anxiety” this is for you. It’s called the Wonderjock and provideds “ball/extension support technology.” I guess it’s supposed to make your nutsack appear larger than it already is. Is there such thing as nut cleavage?

I’m getting one ASAP.


Hot Wig Alert

November 13, 2006 / Posted by:

I know some people have a problem with black women wearing blonde wigs, but I don’t as long as it’s done right. Eve does it right. That shit matches her skin tone and it looks almost natural. Ho looks hot. I give a lot of grief to chicks that wear nasty wigs, so I thought I’d show the right way to do it. Anyway, here’s Eve with that fruitcake Lance Bass at a CosmoGirl event in NYC today. Girlfriend (Lance) needs to calm down on the tweezing and mascara.

eve4.jpg eve3.jpg eve2.jpg

I’m Sure Anna Didn’t Even Notice

November 13, 2006 / Posted by:

G. Ben Thompson owns the Bahamas home where Anna Nicole Smith and Howard K. Stern are currently shacked up. He wants Anna out and she’s not budging. So, what’s a man to do? He pulled the plug. Anna had her electricity turned off on Friday and the entire household went crazy. According to TMZ, Thompson also flew to the Bahamas to serve Anna eviction papers in person.

Anna ran into the house like a crazy person and appeared on the balcony screaming, “You get off this property. This is a gift and I ain’t ever leaving. And I’ll show you, Ben, you ain’t never gonna see the baby again! You did a declaration for that fuckhead Larry Birkhead!”

Just another chapter in The White Trash Chronicles. When is Lifetime going to make a movie about this already? I can picture the scene now after the lights go out…Anna lights some candles and dances around the house in sexy lingerie for Howard. She then ODs on the floor and wiggles like a fish out of water, but you know that totally turns Howard on.


Afternoon Crumbs

November 13, 2006 / Posted by:

Elegant fashions at the Harley gathering – Cityrag

A tranny is stalking Jacko, methinks it’s just LaToya trying to reach out to him – Hollywood Rag

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Avril Lavigne exposes the cleavage – Egotastic!

Jennifer Aniston buys creams at Barney’s to hopefully make her less fug – Popsugar

Blohan insists she wasn’t hit in the back last week…by a car – A Socialite’s Life

Parasite Hilton stinks up Dublin, literally – Mollygood

Tara Reid looks better, but is still trash – Hollywood Tuna

Jacko needs a new wig bad – Just Jared

Jessica Simpson is going to ruin Working Girl forever – Popbytes


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