Ellen Sweetie, Move On

November 17, 2006 / Posted by:

Ellen Barkin recently sold $21 Million worth of baubles she got from ex-husband, Ron Perelman. To say their divorce has been a mess is an understatement. She basically hates him. The other night while dining with friends at the Waverly Inn in NYC the two crossed paths. They locked eyes and Ron started for Ellen’s table. Page Six reports that she warned him to stay away while she was filling her glass with her water. He did not heed her warning and continued for her and so she leaned in and drenched him with water.

Ron asked ““What did you do that for? That wasn’t very nice.” Ellen responded, “Really? Wifebeater!” Someone’s bitter.

Ron’s friends claim that he was merely going to the men’s room and Ellen’s table was in the way. A rep for Ron said, “It is pitiful that Ms. Barkin has fabricated a reason to justify an unprovoked assault on him.”

Ellen didn’t stop there. While leaving the restaurant she passed Ron’s table where he was with a young woman and Ellen said to her, “I feel sorry for you that you have to [bleep] him tonight.”

Bleep him? What does that mean? Ouch. Ellen needs a vibrator or a penis bad. Homegirl is wound up and needs to let off some steam. I loved her in “Switched” though.



The Skank Pack

November 17, 2006 / Posted by:

Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton sat front row at last night’s Victoria’s Secrets fashion show in Los Angeles. Nicole looked fine and Paris looked like her usual self. She tried hard to cover up her retarded eye, but it didn’t work. Why is Paris wearing a pink wristband? Is that a new thing to make people aware of the ones that could possibly give you a STD? I like this.

again5.jpg again3.jpg again2.jpg

again4.jpg again6.jpg again5.jpg

Birthday Sluts

November 17, 2006 / Posted by:

Isaac Hanson (26)
Leslie Bibb (32)
Daisy Fuentes (40)
Sophie Marceau (40)
RuPaul (46)
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (48)
Roland Joffe (61)
Lorne Michaels (62)
Danny DeVito (62)
Lauren Hutton (63)
Martin Scorsese (64)


Ricky Martin is Hot

November 16, 2006 / Posted by:

Ricky Martin is a bigger fruitcake than the one your aunt would make at Christmas, but he’s still hot. There was a moment when he was too goofy for me, but I’m back on board. He’s probably a power bottom, though. Anyway, here he is at a store signing in Madrid.

rickymartin4.jpg rickymartin3.jpg rickymartin2.jpg

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