No, You’re Just Addicted

/ May 1, 2007
Naomi Campbell said that she's "allergic" to booze and quit drinking when she realized this. She also quit drinking, because she realized that most of her scandals involved the sauce.
She said, "I choose not to drink today in my life because I find that I'm allergic to alcohol. I'm not someone that's in denial of my problems and I'm not going to lie about my problems and I'm not hiding my problems.

"I have more energy and I have more fun than when I was drinking and I can hang out really late and get up early in the morning with no hangovers and still smile."

I'm happy for you Naomi, but you ain't allergic! You're addicted! There's a big difference. I know hos that are allergic to booze and they can't even take a sip or they will vomit up their insides. They can't even get to the point of being drunk.

She probably thought it sounded like a good excuse after talkiing to some of her Asian friends. Seriously, a lot of Asians are allergic to that shit.

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Yipee Kai Yai Motherf*cker!!

/ May 1, 2007

I love Bruce Willis. Bruce attended a NJ Nets game Sunday night where he drunkenly talked about several topics with a reporter. He said that Cybil Shepard is probably retired by now and that the new Die Hard is waaay better than the first one. I think it’s the beer and pretzels talking.

He also didn’t go out without dropping the “f” bomb. It’s hilarious that at the end the anchor is totally apologizing for Bruce’s language!

VIA Best Week Ever

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Selma Blair’s Secret Rehab Rendezvous

/ May 1, 2007
Selma Blair was recently released from Promises in Malibu after completing a 30-day program. Sources say that when Selma split from her husband, Ahmet Zappa, last November her drug abuse went into high gear. She quietly checked herself into Promises.
A source said, "She embraced what she learned at Promises and distinguished herself as a model patient. She's anxious to get back to work and pursue a healthy and drug-free lifestyle."
She stepped out with her boyfriend, Matthew Felker, last night for the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of "Purple Violets."
I like Selma. She did her thing and did it on the quiet. She didn't announce it or cry about it. She did what she had to do without trying to get some publicity out of it.
I hope now that she's sober she'll realize that her boyfriend is actually made of wax. 
Source: The Bosh
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