Courtney Love Gets Her Slate Wiped Clean

December 11, 2006 / Posted by:

A Los Angeles judge has terminated Courtney Love’s probation and dismissed three misdemeanor cases, including two drug related charges against her. Courtney got on her knees and sucked his dick…just kidding…she sobbed and cried and thanked him.

The judge said Courtney has done very well after completing a rehab treament and such. Court said, “Thank you for not taking me into custody. Thank you for giving me an opportunity. You’ve been a good, fair judge. Sorry for crying.”

That was nice of him. I’m glad she’s finally getting her act together for the sake of her daughter. She just has to go on TrimSpa baby and it will be all good. Oh and she totally sucked that judge’s dick!



Tom from MySpace is November’s Hot Slut of the Month!

December 11, 2006 / Posted by:

Tom from MySpace snowballed his competition and won November’s Hottest Slut of the Month! Thanks to all who voted! Next month will be the coveted Hot Slut of the Year race! I love this too much.

November – Tom from MySpace
October – Helen Mirren
September – Anna Nicole Smith
August – Pluto
July – CoCo
June – Parker Posey
May – Harvey Price Andre
April – Lamb Chop
March – William Shatner
February – Henry Rollins
January – Richard Simmons



Is This Brit’s New Man?

December 11, 2006 / Posted by:

I posted pics about a hour ago of Britney Spears kissing with some mysterious dude. Well, apparently that dude is music producer Jonathan Rotem. He’s currently working with Britney on her next album. His production company is called “Beluga Heights” and he’s worked with Rihanna and 50 Cent.

I smell another KFed. No really I smell a KFed, cause I just cut one. Seriously, he has glue face though, like he’s been sniffing a lot of Elmers. At least he has a job and yes he looks slow to us, but he’s probably really “smart and all” to Brit.

Check out his MySpace and his sexy, sexy pics! Try not to wet yourself.


Afternoon Crumbs

December 11, 2006 / Posted by:

Look who bought this at the Tori Spelling garage sale – Cityrag

Rachel Bilson thinks confidence makes her sexy – Hollywood Tuna

Posh & Katie don’t want anyone looking at them – A Socialite’s Life

Orlando Bloom’s new chick is camera shy – Popsugar

Ashton Kutcher is jealous of male models – Hollywood Rag

Lindsay Lohan trades her vodka for water – Egotastic!

Salma Hayek’s boobs wins awards – IDLYITW

Nicole Richie has lost weight and changed races since the last time she got arrested – Mollygood

Jennifer Aniston is a piece of dirt – Just Jared


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Brit Kisses New Dude – Not That Exciting

December 11, 2006 / Posted by:

Britney Spears wore some kind of burgandy tube dress to lunch with a mystery date. The pair shared a ciggie and a kiss. Not that exciting, I know. It could be something else. Like he could be sucking the snot out of her nose. I hear KFed did that all the time.

brit31.jpg brit11.jpg

brit41.jpg brit21.jpg

Images Source: JJB


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