The Royal Family Descend Upon NYC

December 8, 2006 / Posted by:

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Maddox and Zahara made their way into NYC last night so that Angelina could promote the “The Good German Shepard.” They stopped into a store sans Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. Where is the Messiah? Was she sent to like Bethlehem for Christmas worshippers or whatever. I’m beginning to think homegirl is allergic to the light or something. Her feet are probably too precious to get dirty.

Anyway, they all looked the hotness especially Maddox. He’s over this and I feel his pain. See more pics of these fools at Popsugar


WTF Happened to Naima?!

December 8, 2006 / Posted by:


Holy chicks with dicks Batman! What happened to Naima from America’s Next Top Model? I dont’ know if you remember this H.A.M, but she won season 4. This is what she used to look like. Did she get lost on her way to her catalog job and bump into a group of lesbian bikers? The sideburns add a really hot touch.

Anyway, here’s this Brandon-Teena-like ho at the Top Model finale party with Caridee English who won the latest season.


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Heath Ledger Meets Sharon!

December 8, 2006 / Posted by:

Heath Ledger met one of the characters from my favorite shows ever, Kath & Kim, yesterday at the AFI Awards in Australia. Sharon (the character) gave Heath a big kiss along with Danni Minogue. Heath brought his sister (in the black) and posed with Hairy Potter and that skank that slept with Ryan Phillippe.

Is Heath on the sauce? He’s looking greasy and beat down. That being said, I’d hit it.



Ok, She’s 40

December 8, 2006 / Posted by: claims they have an official document from Texas which states that Beyonce was born in 1974 making her 32. Over the years there have been many rumors as to what her real age is, cause let’s face it homegirl looks old. TMZ has decided to get to the bottom of things and they could not confirm the document as official.

They also placed a call to the High School of Performing Arts in Houston which Beyonce attended and they said she was a student from 1997-2000. That mean she would’ve started high school at the age of 23. Hey, she’s from Texas. Just kidding! said that they investigated the document and it looks real.

I believe Beyonce is 25, she just looks a little old for her age. It’s probably from her father forcing her ass to perform since she was a little girl. Stress brings out the old. I could’ve told made that document with a typewriter.



Afternoon Crumbs

December 8, 2006 / Posted by:

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