Larry Birkhead Speaks!

February 9, 2007 / Posted by:

Larry Birkhead updated his website this morning with a statement about the death of Anna Nicole Smith. It reads:

Chance brought us together, our love
couldn’t keep us apart. We loved, we
laughed, we shared a connection that
couldn’t be broken, regardless of the
challenges. I loved her in life and I will
love her long after.

Our daughter, Dannielynn is a constant
reminder of the love we shared and the
life that we desired.

My heart is broken, my tears are
endless. She called me her angel, I
called her my sweet potato, and every
night before we went to sleep, she
made me say to her………..


Larry’s lawyer, Debra Opri told TMZ that an emergency court hearing was called this morning to ask a judge that Anna’s DNA be tested before her body is released. She said, “there is no known biological father at this point in time. Larry has been prevented from giving a DNA sample, Howard K. Stern has refused to give a DNA sample.”

She also thinks that Anna’s mother, Virgie Arthur, be granted temporary custody of Dannielynn Hope. Dannielynn is currently in the Bahamas. Anna was estranged from her mother and said in the past that she will never forgive or speak to her again.

UPDATEA Judge refused Birkhead’s request of DNA testing on Anna, but ordered that her body be preserved until a hearing on February 20th.

Did Anna Nicole Choke? Drugs in Her Room?

February 9, 2007 / Posted by:

It hasn’t even been 24-hours since the death of Anna Nicole Smith and details are pouring in. Access Hollywood is reporting that a credible source close to Anna’s nurse said that Anna appeared to have choked on her own vomit. The source claims that she took a children’s sedative earlier in the day and kept passing out. She went to take a nap and a couple of hours later the nurse found her, already dead.

WCBS is reporting that the police have found some sort of illegal narcotics as well as prescription medications in Anna’s hotel room. An autopsy is current underway, but it could take weeks before results are revealed.

The video receiving CPR has already been leaked to the internet. The video shows Anna on a stretcher getting medical attention from paramedics. The video has apparently been sold by Splash News for a staggering $500,000 to Entertainment Tonight. Splash won’t show the video until Tuesday, but it has already leaked. I won’t link it here, but you can easily find it I’m sure.

Furthermore, today will be a true test on how many different photos of Anna I can find!

SCANDAL! Is Daniel the Real Baby Daddy of Danielynn Hope?

February 9, 2007 / Posted by:

Several of you have e-mailed this theory and now Janet Charlton is reporting that she’s heard the same thing. Sources say that a judge’s recent decision demanding that a DNA test be performed on Danielynn Hope took a toll on Anna Nicole Smith. When she arrived at the Hard Rock Casino in Florida, she was out of it and slurring her words. Sources speculate that her daughter’s real father is neither Larry Birkhead or Howard K. Stern. Several suspect that Anna’s deceased son, Daniel Smith, could be the real father.

Sources also speculate that Anna didn’t want this to be revealed, so she killed herself. Yes, this is VERY far fetched but this whole saga is extremely far fetched. The speculation goes as far to say that Howard had something to do with Daniel’s death, because he knew he was the real father. But how was Howard to know that Larry Birkhead was going to challenge the paternity of Danielynn? I’m sure hundreds of stories like this are going to surface. Drama.

Why Am I So Sad?

February 9, 2007 / Posted by:

Just like most people, I trashed Anna Nicole Smith left and right. I probably have said in the past that she was going to OD eventually. Yesterday morning I even said terrible things about her being a pill popper and freak. So….why am I so sad? People die everyday. People die for our country everyday. I don’t understand why it feels like a relative died? Is this wrong? I’m obviously not alone, because I’ve received hundreds of e-mails from you guys mourning Anna and several TV stations are devoting hours and hours to her. Yes, this is a tragedy…but tragedies happen every single day.

I do feel very guilty that I feel this way over Anna Nicole Smith, but I don’t feel this way when I turn on CNN and see how many soldiers are dying in wars. I simply change the channel and move on, but Anna Nicole dies and my eyes and ears are glued to the TV and I’m scouring the internet for any piece of information I can find. Why don’t I feel this way over things that really matter?

Maybe it’s the scandal of it all? Anyway, there’s more rant. It’s not meant to mean anything. I know it sounds kind of sick, but methinks this is the way Anna would want to go. Still young and still beautiful…a legend.

Anyways, let the hours and hours of Anna Nicole Smith coverage continue. One last question? Where’s SUGARPIE??????

Birthday Sluts

February 9, 2007 / Posted by:

Mena Suvari (28)
David Gallagher (22)
Ziyi Zhang (28)
Amber Valletta (33)
AJ Discala (36)
Travis Tritt (44)
Mia Farrow (62)
Alice Walker (63)
Joe Pesci (64)
Carole King (65)


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