Golden Globeing: JLo & Skeletor

January 15, 2007 / Posted by:

Jennifer Lopez looks absolutely stunning, because she’s wearing 50 pounds of make-up and fake hair. Take that all away and she’d look like any other broad serving me delicious fried chicken at KFC. Marc Anthony is trying hard to look remotely human, but I’m still not convinced. He’s the living dead.

jlo5.jpg jlo4.jpg jlo3.jpg jlo1.jpg

Golden Globeing: Sienna Miller

January 15, 2007 / Posted by:

Swedish porn star alert! Sienna Miller’s face was meant for baby batter loads. It seriously looks like her foundation is made from cum. You know who it is. She looks OK from the neck down, but from the neck up….ugh! I just want to take those neck braids and put them around her neck!

sienna41.jpg sienna31.jpg sienna11.jpg


Golden Globeing: Cameron Diaz

January 15, 2007 / Posted by:

Cameron Diaz looks hot and now that I just said that I think a giant zit is going to land on me, killing me instantly. Yes, I think she looks hot at the Golden Globes tonight. I can’t believe this. My world is over now that these words have come out of my finger tips.

cam4.jpg cam2.jpg cam1.jpg


My Golden Globe Predictions!

January 15, 2007 / Posted by:

Cojo at the Golden Globes 1/15/07

The Golden Globes are in like 1 hour and here are my predictions for the film categories, because who really cares about TV? Anyway, enjoy and I’ll post some red carpet pictures in a bit! Get my picks after the jump!

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Britney Wears a Shower Curtain to Party in Las Vegas

January 15, 2007 / Posted by:


Britney Spears wore some sort of hideous frock while partying in Las Vegas with Isaac Cohen this past weekend. Where did she buy that trash? In the $1 a pound bin at the Salvation Army? Hey, at least she’s covered up right? It’s funny, because that diseased looking pattern on her dress is probably the same pattern on her coochie lips too.

Source: Flynet

britneyvegas5.JPG britneyvegas4.JPG britneyvegas3.JPG britneyvegas2.JPG

This is What Gorgeous Looks Like

January 15, 2007 / Posted by:

If gorgeous was a 75-year-old, upper east side, socialite with a pill popping problem. Here’s Mary-Kate Olsen at a Golden Globe party a few days ago in HellAY. If you told me this was Carol Channing, I’d believe you.

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