Formerly Obese Star Fucker Seeks Celebrity Ho

March 12, 2007 / Posted by:

DJ AM is in search of another Hollywood starlet. After his engagement to Nicole Richie ended, friends of AM said that he was looking for another celebrity ho to keep his name in the papers. He soon started “canoodling” with Mandy Moore.

It looks like Mandy has been sent away, she kissed him and stopped him from shaking. He needs her today.


Don’t worry DJ Am will bounce back or he’ll eat himself out of the pain and get obese again.


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Cheese Ass

March 12, 2007 / Posted by:

Remember when Britney Spears went to that NYC night club and changed into a bikini given to her by a go-go dancer? Well, looks like a snapper caught Britney’s naked ass and is currently shopping around the pictures. The going price is said to be $150,000. WASTE OF MONEY!

To make matters worse, sources are saying that Britney was caught on video by the club’s security with two of the dancers and that tape could surface soon. The club denies that a tape featuring Brit exists.

A source said, “If that thing goes on the Internet, there’s going to be big trouble. It might be what they need to take [Spears’] kids away from her.”

I’m not sure what’s on that alleged video, but how is a bare ass going to get her kid’s taken away? Are the dancers doing lines off her bare ass? Ewww…don’t answer.



Hot Slut of the Week: Beth Ditto

March 11, 2007 / Posted by:

Age: 25
Birthday: 1981
Birth Name: ?

Original Date of HS of the Day: March 9, 2007
Claim to Fame: Lead singer of the band “The Gossip.” She is a lesbian and currently dating a tranny dude.

Where is she now? She’s big, literally, in Europe.
Why is she HS of the Week? Homegirl loves being called a fat bitch and I love calling her one!


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