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Retarded prom queen meets retarded girl scout meets retarded Scottish person is the look Fergie tried to work at the MTV Student Voice Awards in Tokyo. A 45-year-old woman like her should not dress like this. Kids, don’t do meth…it kill..your face.

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The CAPTION THIS Contest Winner for October 27th!!!

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Hoff is so drunk he doesn’t realize that not only is he not holding a deck of cards, but he’s showing you the answer is three. – No Anjl


If no-talent Ashlee Simspon can star in “Chicago” then the Hoff has a shot at “The King and I”. And they wonder why theatre is dead.- Randi

Birthday Sluts

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Gavin Rossdale (39)
Eva Pigford (22)
Ivanka Trumt (25)
Mark and Michael Polish (36)
Nia Long (36)
Kevin Pollack (49)
Harry Hamlin (55)
Henry Winkler (61)


Truly Awful Music: Chestica Simpson

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I find that many websites and blogs talk about what great music is out there and so I’m going to focus on the shitty music that’s out there. I mean, there’s trash that’s so bad it’s good. This little diddy does not fall into that category. This is from Chestica Simpson’s latest album, A Public Affair, and is a cover of the Dead or Alive classic, You Spin Me Round. This should have never seen the light of day and I’m guessing that Papa Joe thought it would be a really hot idea. It kind of sounds like if you took an old queen, a used up synthesizer and really crusty panties and blended them up together. Yeah, this is what it would sound like.

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