Oooohhhh Mandy!

January 17, 2007 / Posted by:

DJ Mandy aka DJ Am and Mandy Moore are still going strong after a couple weeks of dating. They were spotted “canoodling” at a Beverly Hills restaurant. Each got into their own Toyota Prius after sharing some qt together. While these two got to know each other more, Nicole Richie spent some time with hair bleach.

First of all, Mandy Moore must be blind to wanna hit that. Second of all, I’m surprised Nicole Richie has hair to bleach? Doesn’t eating disorders cause your hair to fall out or something? I’m saying.



Source: Flynet & Source: CN

Cox & Pitt Make Up?

January 17, 2007 / Posted by:

UsWeekly is reporting that Courtney Cox and Brad Pitt buried the hatchet at the Golden Globes. Courtney has said in the past that she has Jennifer Aniston’s hairy back and disagreed with the way Bradley handled things. Courtney approached Brad to say hello and he responded, “Hello, sweetheart. It is SO great to see you.” They hugged and talked about their kids, blah blah blah… Angelina Jolie was standing a few steps away and greeted Courtney and David Arquette from afar.

Please, Courtney just wants Brad to guest-star on her sinking ship of a show! She should try and get him on the same episode as Aniston. Ratings gold!

Angelina Wannabe!

January 17, 2007 / Posted by:

Is Jennifer Aniston making plans to adopt a little baby? Sources are saying that Jen has asked her lawyers to investigate several adoption agencies in Los Angeles. She has apparently been thinking about it for a while and now wants to move ahead. She has also decided to adopt an American baby even though her friend Oprah has urged her to consider adopting from Africa.

A source said, “Jen has thrown herself into adopting and wants it to happen straight away. She toyed with the idea while she was with Vince but began looking in December after they split.”

Hey, at least she’s buying American. HA. I say she’s doing a good thing. At least a poor, innocent child won’t have to face the humiliation of sharing the mug as this ho!


Who is the Boozing Pregnant Ho?

January 17, 2007 / Posted by:

Lainey Gossip recently had a blind item about a pregnant woman that may be boozing it up during her second trimester. Here’s the item:

I’ve never had a baby, nor do I intend to, and therefore don’t consider myself an expert, but even I know that it’s wrong to over-imbibe when you’re expecting. Then again, it’s also wrong to steal another woman’s husband so why hold our mother-to-be to such lofty standards of propriety? Besides, going by what I hear, she’s probably not smart enough to figure out that alcohol can actually harm your fetus – relief therefore that her empire of origin has been left in more reliable, if manipulative, hands.

Still… it’s really not the kind of gamble you want to f&ck around with. But as I said before, sound judgment is not her strong suit and well into her 2nd trimester, she was openly throwing back glass after glass of red wine. Over a 5 hour period, eyewitnesses report that it was refilled more times that would be considered “medically, socially, morally” acceptable. Even more interesting though: the person doing the replenishing was none other than the proud father and reigning junior master.

Word is he keeps her already vacuous mind as stimulated, or as de-stimulated, as possible, which may account for the common phrase heard among those who’ve met her and describe her behaviour: “She is always OUT OF IT”…so much so that he often has to accompany her to do her business.

After all, opportunistic love also extends to the loo.

So who is a man-stealing, booze loving, pregnant woman?


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