The Royal Family Would Be Proud!!!!

/ April 29, 2007
Princess Beatrice of York is the new love of my life. She left a SoHo club in London the other night with vomit or coke on her cheek. She looks like Igor from the Frankenstein movies. The 18-year-old ran up a $10,000 booze bill before she left. $10k in booze?!!!!! Are they selling coke at that club as well.
Bea is the daughter of Fergie (not Fuggie).
Isn't she so beautiful and elegant? I really need to move to England.
Source: Daily Mail
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/ April 29, 2007
Someone needs to tell Lindsay Lohan that wearing little boy's clothes is not hot! I really think I had that same get-up when I was 6 and I looked way hotter. I think I wore mine with cowboys boots and….oh you don't care! Anyway, here she is at Coachella because she so belongs.
I also think looking like trailer trash was required upon entering Coachella (see Mischa Barton below).
Source: ONTD
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Fantasia in The Color Purple

/ April 29, 2007
Fantasia is currently starring as Celie (Whoopi Goldberg in the film) in The Color Purple the Musical on Broadway. I was invited to see this shit last week and give my opinion, because I'm like a serious theater critic. Basically, I know two things. I know when I'm entertained and I know when I'm not.
I was entertained, but it came at a price. Fantasia can sing, but homegirl can't act and that's what made it entertaining. I love watching bad acting.  Homegirl's got heart and the audience nearly cacas their chonies when she sings "I'm Here" which is like Celie's anthem or something.
The musical also closely follows the book more than the movie did. In the book Celie gets straight-up lesbo with Shug Avery. Seeing Fantasia reach for the beaver seemed very natural like watching a bear catch trout. She was made for that sort of thing.
Fantasia also proves (above) that high-waisted needs to stop! It shouldn't even be allowed onstage or in film. I don't care if it's a "period" thing!
So if you love Fantasia and you love loud audiences (I mean they talked back and everything) you'll love The Color Purple.
Click here for details and need to listen to sound clips and shit.
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Hot Slut of the Week: Nola Ochs

/ April 29, 2007

Age: 95
Birthday: ?
Birth Name: ?

Original Date of HS of the Day: April 28, 2007
Claim to Fame: She will be the oldest college graduate when she gets her degree on May 12th from Fort Hays State University in Kansas.

Where is she now? Probably choosing a hot outfit for graduation day.
Why is she HS of the Week? Homegirl is proving that you're never too old for anything! Well, except midriffs….there's an age limit on that. I love Nola!



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Why Bother Even Wearing a Top?

/ April 29, 2007
Posh Beckham landed in Los Angeles yesterday and let her nipples do the leading. Those things are so wonky. I'm so confused. What's that white band underneath them? Is that to pull them up or something? Why bother! And why are her nipples practically poking up at the sun. Too many questions and I'm really too gay to be dealing with this.
Source: Flynet
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Please, You Know She Was Soliciting

/ April 29, 2007
BEAT ALERT! Remember Jessica Sierra? She was an "American Idol" finalist that took her talents to Hooters in Florida. No joke. Well, she was arrested around 2am on Sunday at the Hyde Park Cafe in Tampa, FL. Bitch smashed a glass over a man's head gashing his eye open.
She's all elegance that one.
She was arrested for battery. The police said, “Sierra was not cooperative with police, she was belligerent, kicking at back window when she was placed in the patrol car, and warned several times if she didn’t stop kicking, she would be placed in leg constraints."
She was later released on $11,500 bond.
Homegirl looks used and abused. A Dlisted reader said she also had coke on her. Coke? More like METH! She has the face of a 45-year-old truck stop hooker looking for her next fix!
Source: MyFox Tampa
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