JLo & Skeletor Sue!

April 16, 2007 / Posted by:
JLo and Marc Anthony are asking for six-figures from The National Enquirer for running a story that tied the couple to a drug scandal. The story ran in Britian and Ireland and claimed the couple were "caught up in a heroin scandal" — and reprinted a 2004 picture of Anthony standing beside photographer Michael Star, who is facing charges of heroin possession and child pornography in the U.S.
The story also ran in International markets. The couple also seek an apology.
Heroin?! That's what Skeletor has, heroin face!
Source: AP

Dancing with the Skeletons

April 16, 2007 / Posted by:
Producers of "Dancing with the Stars" are trying their hardest to land Posh Beckham, because of the success they received from Heather Mills. The reality show is usually filled with no-names, but they are reaching for the stars now and hope to get a tabloid favorite.
An inside source said, “We are halfway through the series and it has been massive. A lot is down to Heather [Mills]. We really want Victoria. She’s not very popular right now, like Heather wasn’t. That’s why she’d be perfect.” 
This ho would literally break into a million pieces if she danced. They would have to wrap her ass bandages like a mummy.

Madge Picks Corn

April 16, 2007 / Posted by:
Madonna and Lourdes toured a U.N. Millenium village in Mitanga, Malawi today. Madge is working with the U.N. to help and develop villages in Malawi. She also toured the maize field where farmers are being helped to grow more. She also helped herself to some corn with Lourdes.
Cheap hag! I hope she paid for that shit.

Thanks Clint




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