Jacko is Father of the Year

April 16, 2007 / Posted by:
A journalist who works traveled with Jacko to Japan last month says he is a "great father." Jamie Foster of Sister2Sister Magazine said that the kids are treated normally and only wear veils when out in public.
Jamie said, “He just seemed to be a good parent. More so than most of us! I just noticed also how nice the kids were. They're not privileged at all. They have a lot of fun with (Michael). They're intelligent, extremely well-spoken, and they like to play jokes."
How much was he paid to say that?! There's no way this crazy bitch is a good father.

Leave Angie Alone!

April 16, 2007 / Posted by:
Brad Pitt told a reporter from the Daily Mail that he's sick of the way people are treating his precious Angelina Jolie. He felt the need to suddenly defend his lady.
He was reported as saying, "You know what it's like to be on the cover of every magazine, having your personal life dissected with all the lies, all the rubbish?" he asked the writer, taking a swig from a bottle of beer. It's hell. Certainly, pick on me — but why pick on Angelina? That's so low. She's such an amazing woman – like Supergirl, in every way." 
Supergirl?! First of all, she's not a girl. Second of all, we can pick on her ass if we want! Bradley needs to get his nuts back from Angelina, because she's the one wearing the balls in that family.
On a happier note, Bradley took the wonderful Zahara out for ice cream this past weekend. She looks kind of pissed. She's over it.
Source: Us Weekly
Image Source: People

Tullulah Willis Hates Her Name

April 16, 2007 / Posted by:
Bruce and Demi's youngest daughter, Talullah, is taking the steps to legally change her name. Bruce Willis told David Letterman that his daughter asked him to make the announcement.
He said, “She wanted me to mention here on the big show that she’s legally changing her name from Talullah to Lula, just Lula. She doesn’t like her name.”
Lula?! That's supposed to be better. She is the most attractive of the three Willis daughters which isn't saying much.
I expect in about 10 years for a slew of Hollywood brats to storm into courts for name changes. Apple, Heaven Rain, Satchel Allen, Daisy Boo, Audio Science and Moxie Crimefighter will all be making legal changes I'm sure.

The Only Reason to Watch The Tudors

April 16, 2007 / Posted by:

I tried to get into Showtime’s “The Tudors”, but I just couldn’t. That hell is boring. The only reason I passed history in high school was because I jacked off my teacher with a tube of toothpaste. Ok, no I didn’t do that, but he did keep toothpaste in his desk, because he used it instead of mints. Cheap bastard.

Anyway, the only reason to watch this show is for some hot sex and naked men. Above is a little compilation of the greatest sex moments.

Thanks TBLE

Morning Wood

April 16, 2007 / Posted by:
Guess the bottled blonde? – INO 
Simon Cowell thinks American Idol has a crappy cast – SOW 
Teri Snatchers dons a toilet paper dress for Eva's bridal shower – ICYDK 
Britney's manny got a new job and it's a total downgrade – Celebitchy 
The main Pussycat tranny sets herself up – Idolator 
Daniel Craig's new look – Gabsmash 
Jon Voight is a dead beat dad? – Us Weekly 

Taking a Dump

April 16, 2007 / Posted by:
It's Britney Spears hourly update time! TMZ has an awesome picture of Brit in the middle of her home away from home, Target. Yes, it's a slow news days so eat it. I'm not sure why she's telling the paps to keep quiet, but I'm sure it involves the doody bubble that's forming around her anus.

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