Posh Can’t Model Her Own Clothes

January 31, 2007 / Posted by:

Posh Beckham has banned size zero models from showing off her own clothes. Skinny bone jones Posh doesn’t want women that look like her to model her own denim line.

A source said, “Victoria wants to give out a positive image that you don’t have to be ultra skinny to look good. Many of the models on the catwalk make young girls feel insecure about their own bodies. Victoria doesn’t want to be accused of giving young girls a complex about their image and putting pressure on them to be as skinny as her.”

Posh has hired curvy model, Daniella Sarahyba, to be the body of her brand.

Why doesn’t she gain weight then? Homegirl needs to put some meat on those bones. If you think you’re too skinny to model off your own line, maybe that should tell you something. Unless, she’s planning to put out a line of little boy’s jeans so she can be the bones of the brand.


Jordana Brewster is the New Angelina Jolie

January 31, 2007 / Posted by:

Star of “The Fast and the Furious” Jordana Brewster has apparently been cast as Mrs. Smith in the television pilot of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” The pilot is based on the film starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt as two married assassins hired to kill one another. The pilot starts shooting next month and will take place 6-months after movie ends. It will follow the married assassins as they try and juggle work and marriage.

Low-rent Angelina! I remember our little Jordana Brewster when she dated Marky Mark when he was hot. She hasn’t had much of a career since and unfortunately her bad luck looks like is going to continue. This show is going to tank.


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Oh Petey….

January 31, 2007 / Posted by:

The Sun has aquired photographs taken just days after Pete Doherty’s rumored faux wedding to Kate Moss took place in Thailand on New Year’s Day. The photos were taken from a video of Petey injecting himself with what is said to be coke while telling Kate that he’s “fine.” There are three other girls on the video with Pete taken in a crappy, Thail backpackers hotel room.

Apparently, Petey left the lavish resort in search of drugs. He met the girls after buying drugs and they invited him back to their room. He told them that he “wouldn’t marry her (Kate Moss) if she was the last woman on Earth. She’s too paranoid.”

The girls say that Kate kept calling him and asking him where he was. Pete told the girls that he used Kate’s money to buy the drugs.

Visit The Sun to see more pictures and read the rest of the story.

Petey is currently in a London hospital reportedly seeking treatment for addiction.

This whole thing has become extremely sad. Kate Moss will continue to help his ass and the system will continue to let him out on the streets to buy more drugs and go deeper and deeper into addiction. He needs to be locked up for years, have his blood drained and go through hours of hypnotherapy. To say he’s a major mess is an understatement.

He’s Not Even Worth $25!!!

January 31, 2007 / Posted by:

According to Star Magazine, KFed has turned down an offer from Britney Spears to settle their divorce for a whopping $25 million. Sources say that it isn’t about money for KFed, but about love for his two sons. HA!

The source said, “Kevin says that Britney offered him $10 million to walk away from their marriage and to relinquish custody of their kids, but he just laughed. Then she came back with $20 million which he turned down too. Now he says she’s offering a whopping $25 million, and that’s her final offer. He told her to take a hike! He loves his two little boys, and there’s no way he’s going to disappear from their lives.”

Riddle me this….if it isn’t about the dough why doesn’t KFed just tell her doesn’t want a red cent but he wants to share custody of their two kids? That’s what I thought. It’s about the cash which is a shame, cause he’s just gonna smoke that up in a year.


Why Didn’t This Track End Up On Paris’ Album?

January 31, 2007 / Posted by:

ParisExposed.com is seriously the greatest website that has ever been created. It needs to win the Nobel Prize. Here’s a little video of a drunken and most likely high, Paris Hilton, being videotaped by Nicky Hilton singing some racist song to the tune of “We Are a Family.” Yup, she talks about Jews, Japs and Blacks. Lovely. She also tries to dirty dance with some dude (who is most likely gay), but her dancing looks more like a skanky cat trying to get the fleas off his coat.


The Truth is Slowly Pouring Out

January 31, 2007 / Posted by:

Miss USA, Tara Connor, is slowly fessing up to being a drunken, coke sniffing whore. In an interview with Matt Lauer set to air on “The Today Show” tomorrow, Tara will come clean about the snow.

She admits to sniffing coke, taking antidepressants and others drugs.

She said, “I’ve tried several different things. But, you know, it’s always the same effect. The more that I get it off my chest, the better I feel about myself. It’s not healthy for my recovery to sit here and hold things back.”

She snorted coke off her own chest? Spoken like a true cokewhore. I’m guessing she was high as a kite too when she took this picture last year with Axl Rose. I’d need more than a 8ball to get through that 10-seconds of posing.


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