Seriously, Is Rihanna Real?

December 5, 2006 / Posted by:

I really want to know! Rihanna attended some LG Chocolate party in Las Vegas after the Billboard Awards last night. She painted on some dress and was good to go, but is she real? She honestly is the major hotness. The ten-head only adds to her allure.



That’s Not the Real Tyra Banks We See on Top Model

December 5, 2006 / Posted by:

Tyra Banks said in an interview that what she plays on America’s Next Top Model is a character version of herself. Many have made fun of her antics on the reality show. She’s trying to cover herself by saying that’s not the real her.

She spoke in third person, “She’s almost a caricature of herself. There’s a certain voice that I use when I say, `I have five photos in my hand.’ It’s really funny. I would never give modeling advice in the tone that I give it to the girls, but it’s just something that works for the show. The advice is the same that I would give, but I would just give it differently in real life.”

“But with `Top Model,’ that’s more of a character. That is not who I am in real life. People who come to my talk show laugh, because they say they watch `Top Model,’ and that’s who they thought I was, but it’s a reality-show character.”

Homey don’t play that. You know she’s that batshit crazy in real life! But thank God for that, because it’s good to watch.


Jessica’s Fuck Up

December 5, 2006 / Posted by:

In case you missed it here’s Jessica Simpson’s little flub at this past weekend’s Kennedy Center honors. Jessica blamed her dress falling apart. If you notice she’s clutching her dress. Methinks Papa Joe ripped it off of her. She is clearly using cue cards and we know ho can’t read! Reese Witherspoon was nice enough to comfort her, but you know she’s laughing inside. Jess performed “9 to 5” a second time when the audience left. That version will air on CBS later this month.

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