Birthday Sluts

November 7, 2006 / Posted by:

Joni Mitchell (63)
Yoon-jin Kim (33)
Jason & Jeremy London (34)
Morgan Spurlock (36)
Christopher Knight (49)
Judy Tenuta (50)
Judy Parfitt (71)


This Ho Needs a Break!

November 6, 2006 / Posted by:

Lindz leaving Hyde on 11/4

No wonder Lindsay Blohan is a crackhead. Homegirl works like a dog. Earlier today I posted that she signed on to do some movie with Ann Margaret. Well, a few hours later comes word that she’s signed on for yet another movie! She will play two roles in “Who Killed Me?” Um, coke is probably going to kill you honey. Anyway, shooting begins next month in Los Angeles.

Lohan plays Aubrey, the young daughter of affluent parents who is abducted and mutilated by a sadistic serial killer. She manages to escape, sans a hand and a leg and lots of blood. The girl who regains consciousness in the hospital claims to be not Aubrey but Dakota -identical to Aubrey, but with a much different demeanor. Dakota struggles to convince anyone that she is not Aubrey and finds herself in a desperate race to save Aubrey’s life and her own against overwhelming odds.

Blohan currently have six projects in the works. Somebody’s gotta pay for her sister’s shitty albums and her mother’s addictions!

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Truly Awful Music: Parasite Hilton

November 6, 2006 / Posted by:

This episode of Truly Awful Music features Parasite Hilton’s debut album which came out months ago. I know it’s old shit, but when I first heard it back then I kind of blocked it out. I pushed her album (which I got for free and did not pay a cent for) under my bed like the Grudge and hoped to never see it again. Well, I had to talk about her cover of Rod Stewart’s “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” Because, basically it sounds like she’s getting gang banged while singing it and this should be shared with the World.

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Britney Spears on Letterman Tonight!

November 6, 2006 / Posted by:

A Dlisted reader just got back from a taping of David Letterman and apparently Britney Spears makes a small cameo. She will debut her new body (which is hot I hear) in a micro mini and a blonde bob. She comes on, because she’s just a fan and then exits. Ugh, if she’s in NYC why wasn’t she at the damn KFed concert!? Selfish!


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