Sharon Stone’s Special Christmas Elf

December 19, 2006 / Posted by:

Sharon Stone apparently found love on the set of Bobby in Christian Slater. Yes, she’s 9-year older than him but friends claim she’s never been happier. It’s now being reported that the two will share a romantic Christmas holiday together.

A source said, “They’re both really happy – but they don’t have long-term expectations. It’s a fun fling for the holidays and Sharon is a good influence. She rarely drinks and has three kids. It’s a good match for now.”

The pair have denied the rumors even though they have showed up hand in hand to many events recently. They make sense to me. She’s crazy and he’s crazy and together they are still crazy. They probably just sit there and laugh uncontrollably!

Thanks Neil

Angelina Defends Madge…Sort of Of

December 19, 2006 / Posted by:

Angelina Jolie, Queen of Adoption, spoke out about Madonna’s adoption problems when buying David Banda from Malawi, Africa. She believes Madge had such a problem, because there is no legal adoption in the African country.

She said, “Madonna knows very well that she adopted from a country without legal adoption, so it was an unusual situation.”

Angie would love to adopt again, but will be smart about it. “I don’t anticipate that being a problem for me because I don’t intend to adopt a child from a country where there is no legal adoption.”

Oh snap! So basically Angelina is saying that Madonna had problems, because she didn’t do the research and is a dumbass. Yeah, I believe that. Madge should’ve really asked the Queen of Everything, Angelina where she should buy a kid.


Miss USA Not Fired!

December 19, 2006 / Posted by:

Donald Trump announced this morning that Miss USA Tara Conner will not be dethroned after allegations that she was partying hard and tested positive for coke. Tara and Donald met at the Trump Tower this morning and discussed her future with the crown.

He said, “She’s agreed to go into rehab. She knows that if she makes even the slightest mistake from here on she wil be immedialtely replaced.”

Rehab is honestly the answer for anything. Tara should’ve quit. She doesn’t need that, she’s going to be a big star!

UPDATEClick here to see Tara give the performance of a lifetime as she cries and basically sucks up to Donald.


Methface Falls in Love..Again…

December 19, 2006 / Posted by:

Aaron Carter is about to make yet another stupid move. He claims that he’s madly in love with 18-year-old Kaci Brown. The problem is they only met a week ago, but Aaron insists he loves like an 8ball. He said, “Now I’m in a great relationship. I’ve only known her for, like, seven days, but I have a connection with her that’s like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.” Aaron then said that Kaci gave him love for his Birthday. SICK!

Aaron famously got engaged a few months ago to Kari Ann Peniche and then broke off the relationship and engagement a week later. Expect him to get engaged like any minute now. Aaron needs to spend more time fixing that fug face of his rather than falling love with any ho that walks by. Furthmore, what is wrong with these girls?

I also love when complete morons talk about love on a deep level. Actually, they are probably already broken up!


Reichen Lehmkuhl Quote of the Day!

December 19, 2006 / Posted by:

It’s a long one from his MySpace:

From the Horse’s Mouth: Just a friendly reminder that when you read websites like, you are reading lies and are being taken advantage of as you make more money for a person who does nothing but fabricate storeis to make his site look interesting.

That anyone would trust someone like Mario Lavendeira ( who STEALS from photographers, bloggers, and the general population, is beyond me, really. This person is a common criminal.

Contrary to what this ugly wind-bag has reported, I have not broken up with my boyfriend. I did not go home with anyone from “Survivor” from any party. I have not “made out with” anyone at a party while I have been with my boyfriend. The opposite has been written on his site. It is all a complete and blantant lie. This person is a liar. Period.

My book was done before I ever met Lance. I do not date people so that I can “use” them. I’m self-sufficient and happy to be that way. I have served my country, I have made my own money, my own career, written my own books, bought my own homes and other possesions, and I’m proud to be this way, on my own. I am not broke. I am individually financially sound. I date people because I happen to love them. Period.

I will only post this once. This disgusting person and his site makes up blatant lies to create interesting stories. I am one of this criminal’s targets. Understand that. So know, from here on out, that if you read anything about ME on, you are 99.9% sure to be reading a lie or an exagerrated, incorrect version of something that is 0.01% true.

Merry Christmas Everybody!!

Love, Reichen

P.S. Here is some information on “Perez” and how he stole a check from a friend and deposited into his account while he was using CRYSTAL METH. This guy is a drug addict, criminal, and thief.

Click here to read the rest!


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