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Ambulances Better Be Standing By

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Lindsay Lohan told Ellen Degeneres that she's going to go wild on her 21st Birthday. Yeah, because she's so demure and tame the other nights of the year. She's planning a huge Las Vegas bash in July.
She said, "I'm going to milk it because it's a big birthday.  I think I'm doing a party in Vegas, which makes sense because I've never been able to go out there. I have never gambled there. It's been a long time coming for some of my friends that have clubs out in Los Angeles.

"They don't have to worry about getting into trouble because I'm underage."

I think it's cute that she's trying to make us believe that she doesn't drink when she goes out. Don't worry Hohan, we know. 

You know after hearing about this, every drug dealer in the world is heading to Vegas that week. That being said, every paramedic too! Hey, there's money to be made!

Source: Sky



The Movie Event of the Century!!!!!!!!

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Here's the one-sheet for "A Mighty Heart" which stars Angelina Jolie as Marianne Pearl. People are already talking Oscar and this flick hasn't even been released. I'm sure she'll get a nomination and the win, because Angelina is the new Jesus. It hits theaters on June 22nd.
That poster looks like it was made with MS Paint NOT EVEN Photoshop. Cheap asses.
Click here to see a picture of Angie and Marianne having a heart to heart.

Morning Wood

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Dumb and Dumber carefully read cue cards on AI last night – Towleroad 
Ugly Betty meets Ugly Beltty – SOW  
Daryl Hannah wants to buy American – Gabsmash 
The cheerleader from Heroes and some Laguna Beach douche are dating – ICYDK 
Gisele Bundchen's already got a new job – INO 
Sarah Silverman really, I mean really, loves her dog – Popbytes 
Kanye loves porn…according to his mommy – Vh1 Blog

I Think I’m the Only One That Hated Blake Last Night

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Everyone seemed to cream their chronies at Blake Lewis’ cover of Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name.” Personally, I thought it sucked. Blake is most likely going to win this bitch and he’s slightly amusing, but it looked like something out of a Junior High School talent show. Everyone will disagree, because everyone I talked to said it was the GREATESTMOSTWONDERFULHOTTESTBEAUTIFULSEXIEST performance of all time forever in the World.

I do dig the brown locks, though.

And click here to see the hotness that is LaKisha giving Simon Cowell some lip-action. You know he got a woody from that and Paula relieved it for him. Now, LaKiki was hot shit last night.

I’m guessing Chris and Phil are packing all their pretty, little shit tonight and going home!!!

Lucky Drew

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Drew Barrymore cleans up nicely. It's a shame she wore a dress made of dyed toilet paper. Baby caca tp! Anyway, she attended the premiere of her film "Lucky You" last night at Tribeca. The movie looks god awful. It looks like something made in the early 90s. Drew stars with Eric Bana in the film about gamblers. Is it just me or does Eric sort of look like Corey  Feldman

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