2006’s Hot Slut of the Year Finals!!

January 11, 2007 / Posted by:

Sorry Richard Simmons, Henry Rollins, Lambchop, Helen Mirren, Padma Lakshmi and William Shatner! You didn’t make the HS of the Year finals! Like they care. Anyway, you votes Harvey Price, CoCo, Pluto, Tom from MySpace, Anna Nicole Smith and Parker Posey into the final 6. Vote for your favorite! The final winner will be announced on Monday!

Click here to get their bios. Thanks for voting!


Afternoon Crumbs

January 11, 2007 / Posted by:

Paris Hilton’s awful tan – Hollywood Rag

Elisha Cuthbert and hockey are a good combo – Hollywood Tuna

Alba in a bikini changes lives – Cityrag

Mischa Barton flaunts her bra and cottage cheese – DrunkenStepfather

Kinda cute…Joel Madden channels the Karate Kid – Egotastic!

Xtina jumps on the celebrity perfume bandwagon – Popsugar

Eva Mendes is a dumbass – Just Jared

Who knew Jennifer Aniston had breasts like that? – IDLYITW

John Waters wants to be KFed’s third baby mama – SOW

David Arquette blames Angelina’s hypnotic vag for the Brad/Jen break-up – ASL


What is Wrong with People?

January 11, 2007 / Posted by:

The N word is not the new black! No pun intended. Anthony Michael Hall is the latest loser to try and use the racial slur to get a little press. He was caught by TMZ’s cameras outside the laugh factory, signing autographs and dropping the N bomb.

When a large, Hispanic man approached him for a picture, Anthony joked, “I am scared of this n**ga right here.”

Gross. Gross. Gross. Anthony also jokes about being high. What is wrong with people? This is not cool and he’s lucky somebody didn’t shank his ass. Furthermore it’s going to make people watch his crappy cable show.

Click here to witness the grossness

Yes, New York is Loved

January 11, 2007 / Posted by:

Flavor of Love’s spin-off I Love New York was the biggest debut for a show in Vh1’s history. 4.43 million people tuned in to watch Tiffany Patterson aka New York find her true love among 20 dudes. The show even beat Flavor of Love 2’s debut episode by 1 million viewers.

A few of you asked if was going to recap this mess the way I recapped Flavor of Love and the answer is a HUGE NO! The show is alright, but doesn’t even come close to the original. Methinks that a lot of those hos are straight-up hired actors playing a part. I mean the dude that play’s New York’s personal assistant, Chamo, is an actor named Mauricio Sanchez. This who is faker than New York’s new breasts!

If you need a recap fix, visit the Celebreality blog where Rich from FourFour gives a hilarious and accurate recap of each episode weekly.

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