Lindsay Lohan Caught White Handed?

May 3, 2007 / Posted by:
Page Six is reporting that Lindsay Lohan was caught doing something bad on somebody's video phone. They won't say what she was caught doing, but we can probably guess it wasn't knitting or reading her friends passages from Pride & Prejudice.
The "act" took place at a private party in Beverly Hills which Paris, Nachos and Ryan Gaycrest also attended. In an unrelated event at the party, a giant rat disrupted the party sending girls jumping in the air and drinks crashing to the floor. Nachos finally kicked the rat off the balcony.
Poor Rat! It was probably just Nicole Richie! Why he gotta do her like that?

Just Say No to Plastic Hearts

May 3, 2007 / Posted by:
Julie Christie is one of the sexiest beasts to ever live. She's 66-years-old and hasn't cursed herself  by going under the knife. I just have one thing to say. Last night at the premiere of her new movie "Away From Her" she should've followed the Paris Hilton rule.
Before leaving the house look into the mirror and ask yourself "Would Paris' nasty ass wear this?" If you aren't sure, check the internet. If the answer is "yes." Burn everything immediately!
Julie should've done this. Plastic red heart earrings?! Oh Julie! A woman like you should only wear diamonds or anything from the Suzanne Somers Jewelry  Vault!

Busta Busted

May 3, 2007 / Posted by:
We've got another member of the Celebrity DUI Club! Busta Rhymes was arrested early this morning in NYC on suspicion of DUI. Busta wasn't even driving bad! He was pulled over because his SUV's windows were tinted too much. When the cops came face to face with Busta they smelled the booze and issued a sobriety test which bitch failed.
Busta has not been arraigned yet. He's in due in court next week on two assault charges.
The Celeb DUI club is growing! Let's see…Nicole Richie, Parasite Hilton, Eve, Mel Gibson, almost every Laguna Beach ho, Vivica Fox, Tracy Morgan…..and correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think one of them has served any real jail time! Let's hope Paris' skank ass is the first!
Source: TMZ

Britney Chews Gum Through Her Second Comeback Concert

May 3, 2007 / Posted by:
Last night in Anaheim at the House of Blues was the second show in THE BRITNEY COMEBACK EXTRAVAGANZA OF 2007!!! Last night's show was an exact replica of the show she played the night before in San Diego . It was around 15-minutes and she performed the same songs. Security was much tighter in Anaheim and it took the audience nearly 2-hours to get through with security taking their cell phones and cameras.
Britney didn't even bother with the lip-syncing last night. She chewed gum through her entire set and sort of mouthed the words to the songs according to witnesses.
One audience member said, "She was a little off, a little slower than her dancers. If I hadn't heard about last night I would probably be disappointed."
Some dumbasses dropped almost $300 a ticket on that mess. I'm still waiting for that wig to come tumbling off! It's bound to happen and I hope the cameras are ready.
Source: People
Image Source: Breathe Heavy

Happy Mother’s Day! You’re Fired!!!

May 3, 2007 / Posted by:
Blame it on the new wifey-to-be! Usher is apparently going to fire his momma as his manager, because his fiancee, Tameka Foster, doesn't like her. It all started when Usher's mommy, Jonetta Patton, told him to fire Tameka as his stylist. Tameka, who is ten years older than Usher, took some cheap shots at Jonetta on the radio. Usher wanted to be with Tameka and she left her husband for him. She's rumored to be knocked up.
Sources close to Usher think he may make Tameka his manager. Bitch is Vaginatized!!!!
Rumors are that executives at Jive want Jonetta to take on Britney Spears.
Hey! This could work out. Britney needs a bitch who is going to tell it to her like it is! I say Jonetta drops Usher and puts Brit back together.
If Usher is going to fire his mother I hope he at least waits until Mother's Day is over. What a bitch that would be.
Vagina Power is in full effect, y'all!!! 
Source: NYDN

What Do Kids Know?

May 3, 2007 / Posted by:
Rich Calabasas Kindergarten children have been telling their parents that a "weird man" has been coming to sing "scary" songs to them. That "weird man" is actually a musical legend. Bob Dylan's grandson, Jakob Dylan, attends kindergarten there and he comes to sing to the kids. 
Those kids are getting a free concert! That's actually rather cute. 
Source: Page Six

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