Orlando Finds Solace in the Arms of Another!

January 10, 2007 / Posted by:

It hasn’t been that long since Orlando Bloom split up with Kate Bosworth, but it looks like he’s found his new girlfriend. Hey, his boobs are just as big as hers. Orlando spent some qt with the mysterious hunk of grossness in Hawaii. Who’s the top and who’s the bottom?

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I can’t judge Tara Reid’s overall appearance anymore. I just can’t. Whenever I look at her, my “fug vision” immediately turns on and all I say is a big ball of plastic and cheese. She’s in Australia now and is seen here at the Magic Millions party today. I guess she looks ok…NO NO NO…she looks heinous!

tarareid5.jpg tarareid4.jpg tarareid3.jpg tarareid2.jpg


Shiloh Was an Accident

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Angelina Jolie confessed to UK Elle that Shiloh Jolie-Pitt aka The Messiah was not planned. She said that she never had the intention of getting pregnant, but that Brad Pitt was really into the idea.

She said, “I wasn’t planning on getting pregnant. I’m the one that got knocked up. Some men have kids when they’re not ready and some men know they want to take it seriously and wait until they’re absolutely ready.”

Not only was Shiloh an accident, but Angelina isn’t feeling the love for Shiloh. She has admitted that she feels closer to Maddox and Zahara, because of the lives they might have lived.

She said, “I think I feel so much more for Mad and Z because they’re survivors, they came through so much. Shiloh seemed so privileged from the moment she was born. I have less inclination to feel for her… I met my other kids when they were six months old, they came with personality.”

So Shiloh’s a boring accident? And here I thought she was a gift from God!

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Paranoid Much?

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Since Suri Cruise’s birth we have hardly seen her. She did do a photospread for Vanity Fair and was a familiar face when the couple wed in Italy, but she has rarely been shown when Katie Holmes has been out and about in Los Angeles. What’s the reason for this? Tom Cruise and Katie are apparently scared that Suri could be in danger if they bring her out too much.

A source tells Star Magazine, “That child is growing up inside a bubble. I think both dad [Tom Cruise] and Katie are so worried that if Suri is exposed to the public, her life could be in danger.”

Sources say that Suri Cruise could be the target of kidnapping plots to extort money out of TomKat. I believe it. Tom is crazy. He thinks everyone is after him some way or another. Seriously, who wants to steal Suri? She’s not even real! If you’re going to steal a baby make sure it doesn’t operate with AAs.

The “Who Cares?” News

January 10, 2007 / Posted by:

Barbra Walters calls Donald a “poor, pathetic man” and now it’s Don’s turn to call her a “fat, disgusting, terrible person” – TMZ

Rosie O’Donnell is not likely to renew her “The View” contract in June – SOW

John Cusack and Jeremy Piven are no longer BFFs – ICYDK

Kelly Osbourne may be Playboy’s newest bunny – Agent Bedhead

James Brown hasn’t been buried yet – Crunk + Disorderly

Claire Danes cheated on Billy Crudup with a gay – Jossip


HBO Loves Black People

January 10, 2007 / Posted by:

Kanye West and HBO are getting in bed together to create a baby reality show. The show will follow controversial Kanye’s day-to-day life as he goes from the recording studio to parties. Executive Producer Larry Charles of Borat and Curb Your Enthusiasm fame will work with Kanye to put the show together.

No word yet on when this mess of a show will debut. Hey, I’m into it. Kanye is good entertainment. I love a ho who says and does ridiculous things.



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