Busted Tats

January 7, 2007 / Posted by:

Here are more pictures of Anna Nicole Smith and Howard K. Stern enjoying some kind of boxing match in Hollywood, FL yesterday. All the parents out there, please show this to your kids as an example of what crack can do to you. Seriously, this is all sorts of nastiness. I don’t even know what to say about that tattoos? I mean are they scratch and sniff? Who are those people anyway? I’m so confused, but I think she is too.



Source: Splash

Hot Slut of the Week: Nancy Pelosi

January 7, 2007 / Posted by:

Age: 66
Birthday: March 26, 1940
Birth Name: Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro

Original Date of HS of the Day: January 1, 2007
Claim to Fame: The first ever female Speaker of the HOuse

Where is she now? Being hot in DC
Why is she HS of the Week? She’s the most powerful woman in United States history and she’s Italian. Hotness all over. You know Hilary Clinton hates her ass.



January 7, 2007 / Posted by:

The thing with Sienna Miller is sometimes she looks like she just had an abortion and sometimes she looks actually quite nice. She pulled it together at the Palm Springs Film Festival last night and pretty much looked good. I mean, she’s a sour ass underneath all that shimmer and shine, but hey the cover looks good. This goes to show you that anyone can look hot with a lot of make-up and money.

sienna5.jpg sienna4.jpg sienna3.jpg sienna2.jpg sienna1.jpg

Gay Wedding

January 7, 2007 / Posted by:

Spice World and Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion star, Alan Cumming, has married his boyfriend of two years today in London. Alan married illustrator Grant Shaffer. Alan wore an oatmeal colored linen kilt suit with a black shirt and tie and Grant wore a black striped suit with white shirt and tie, according to the rep. Celebrity quests included singer Rufus Wainwright and actress Mary-Elizabeth Mastrantonio.

I love a gay wedding! Ugh, I really wish I could get married just so I could divorce and collect alimony. I’m just saying. Congrats to those two fruitcakes in love!


Josh Hartnett’s Sloppy Bar Bathroom BJ

January 7, 2007 / Posted by:

A Dlisted reader witnessed Josh Harnett getting a blowjob from some chick in the bathroom of a NYC bar lastnight. Hahaha…I live for this crap. You know it’s small though. Here’s what my reader witnessed:

I was out last night with my friend in New York City. We went to the Lower East Side for drinks and to hangout. We started at this bar called Max Fish. Two of my girlfriends noticed that Josh Hartnet had arrived and proceeded to talk to him for a bit. He invited them to come meet him and some other friends at a small bar called Mamma’s. When we arrived the star struck girls could see Josh over in the corner – but he was surrounded by another group of girls. My friend had to go to the bathroom and there was a small line. The guy in front of her mentioned that there were 2 girls in the bathroom and just then Hartnet walked right in. He was pissed (not knowing it was Josh, but he was mad because he obviously knew this would take a while). After a considerable amount of time – the pissed off guy walked up to the door and yanked it open – only to expose to the bar Josh Hartnet recieving a big sloppy blowjob from one of the two girls who was down on her knees. It was difficult to see what the other girl was doing because he shut the door so quickly. For Confirmation – he was wearing a white t-shirt that said KLAUS on the front and a black knit hat and had an ugly pair of glasses hanging from his shirt.

KLAUS? As in Von Bulow? Anyway, see stars are just like us! They receive bjs from strange girls in bathrooms in bars. Unfortunately, who knows if Josh is hung like a horse or bumble bee. I’m guessing he has huge nuts and a small trunk. The other chick was probably taking a dump. The sight of Harnett getting a sloppy cock-whistle is enough to make anyone get diarrhea.


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