Les Misergay

December 1, 2006 / Posted by:

This is actually a pretty amazing clip from the seriously boring Megan Mullally show. It’s Doogie Howser and one of his co-stars performing a beautiful duet from Les Miserables. I mean…there was no need for that coming out of the closet thing.

VIA Gawker

Afternoon Crumbs

December 1, 2006 / Posted by:

In conjunction with World AIDS day Cinemax is airing a documentary called Positively Naked tonight at 7pm. The film chronicles a Poz Magazine shoot done by Spencer Tunick. Visit Poz.com for more information on World AIDS events around the world.

Jennifer Connelly looks a bit pregnant at a premiere last night – Egotastic!

David LaChappelle thinks Madonna is nasty – A Socialite’s Life

Famed British artist Banksy mocks Jacko – Hollywood Rag

A shirtless Benjamine MckenzieJust Jared

Jessica Simpson is for sale on eBay – IDLYITW

George Clooney gets busy – Popsugar

A little Biel for Christmas – Hollywood Tuna

Scrubs: The Musical – SOW

Ruben Studdard is starting his own modeling agency?!!!!! – BWE


Why Mimi Why?!!!!!

December 1, 2006 / Posted by:

Mimi makes it so hard for me to love her! Why on Earth does she have to dress like a 4-year-old. Not even a hot 4-year-old! You know what she dresses like straight-up? A Bratz doll! I think ho browses the doll section looking for the latest styles! Here’s this dumb ass in Aspen on 11/29.

UPDATE – This crap is old and from last year. Sorry y’all. Mimi’s pink uggs are the gifts that keep on giving! Thanks Jack!



Tom Cruise Smells

December 1, 2006 / Posted by:

Two things about TomKat. First, they had to cut short their honeymoon in the Maldives due to weather. Yeah, the Gods aren’t happy about their union. Second thing is that their new home in the UK smells. Tom bought some mansion for $5 million and they can’t move in, cause it smells like caca.

Monsters and Critics reports:

The stench has been caused by Tom and Katie’s neighbors at Dormans Park village emptying their cesspools and garden drains. Neighbor Emma Tanning told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “The pond is absolutely putrid when the cesspits are being emptied. If Tom moves in before the work is completed it won’t be smelling very pretty. I don’t think Katie will be happy.” The works are expected to carry into the New Year.

Neighbors sewage my ass! You know on a visit, Tom farted and all the backed up jizz came out!


Pic Source: Splash


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