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Friends and family of Vickie Lynn Hogan are pretty sure she died of a drug overdose. Autopsy results won’t be released for a few days, but many think they already know the cause. Sources and witnesses at the Hard Rock Hotel in Florida say that she looked “extremely bloated when she vomited out something white before having a seizure early this afternoon.” Hotel employees said that all week she was experiencing headaches, stomach aches, nausea and flu-type symptoms. Anna and Howard K. Stern along with a nurse and bodyguard checked into the hotel on Monday and planned to check out on Friday. They were in town to buy a boat to take back to the Bahamas.

Vergie Arthur, Anna’s mother also believes an overdose was the cause. She said, “I think she had too many drugs, just like Danny (Smith’s late son). I tried to warn her about drugs and the people she hung around with. She didn’t listen.” By people I’m guessing she meant Howard K.

Anna’s former lawyer, Michael Scott, seconds that. “Undoubtedly it will be found at the end of the day that drugs featured in her death as they did in the death of poor Daniel.”

There are still a million and a half unanswered questions that I’m sure will soon be answered in one way or another. Howard has yet to make a statement. I’m guessing he’s trying to get his “facts” straight. Please, we all know he was the one most likely pill feeding her.

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Anna Nicole’s Last Movie

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Chyna Doll basically broke down on Larry King last night talking about Anna Nicole Smith. The two worked together on “Illegal Aliens.” The movie is most likely a piece of crap and is about aliens on earth. Um…it looks like a low-rent “Earth Girls are Easy” and trust me that’s hard to do. The film was due to be released in April, but that may not happen.

Chyna got into a fight with Mrs. Trimspa (wife of CEO of Trimspa) on Larry King last night over her sincerity. Mrs. Trimspa called Chyna a “stalker” and said she’s using Anna’s death to get her own publicity. Um…what is Mrs. Trimspa doing?

Above is the trailer of this masterpiece that may never see the light of day and it probably shouldn’t. It’s a piece of crap! Oh and Chyna needs to stick Gitte Nielsen’s clit in her mouth and shut it!

Zac Posen’s Front Row

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Zac Posen’s front row last night looked like an average night at The Ivy. Nicole Richie, Joel Madden, Rihanna and Rachel Bilson all attended. They all looked hot. Normal. Blah, blah blah.

Rachel’s red lipstick is blinding me!

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Rosie Comments on Anna’s Death

February 9, 2007 / Posted by:

Rosie O’Donnell updated her blog with a simple haiku.

CBS: Investigators found illegal narcotics, prescription meds in room…
Mother Blames Drugs…
Lawyer vows no DNA sample…
Battle Over $1.6 Billion Fortune Brewing…
Autopsy to Be Performed…
She Died Like Marilyn…
Final Footage Sells for Over $500,000…
Rosie Rants On Anna Nicole — Hours Before Her Death…


I was hoping to see Rosie’s response on “The View” today, but it’s a previously recorded episode. Damn! This is probably Rosie’s response to her rant yesterday on Anna in the morning. Yeah Rosie has a big fat mouth, but I said bad things about Anna hours before she died. Do I feel guilty? No. How was I to know and how was Rosie to know? However, if the Trump keels over tomorrow…we will know Rosie’s true powers!

UPDATE – Thanks to all who just e-mailed me that these are the headlines from this morning’s Drudge Report. Hopefully homegirl will talk about it on Monday’s The View.

Animals Wanna Eff Hugh Grant

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Hugh Grant has said that animals are extremely sexually attracted to him. He said that whenever he’s around a dog, they get the sudden urge to hump his leg.

“I used to play football in a park in front of my house but I had to give it up because every time I bent over to do up my shoelaces there was a stray dog called Sandy that used to try to mate with me.” Hugh also had to tell his girlfriend, Jemima Khan, to get rid of her dog. It would not stop trying to have sexytime with him. Dogs aren’t the only ones feeling the Hugh. During a film, a bear cub also tried to get nasty with Hugh.



La Wintour is a Jokester!

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I’m going to tear you away from Anna Nicole Smith coverage for a quick minute to tell you about Anna Wintour’s fashion week stunt. Yesterday, I posted about Elisabeta and Nicolae Petrescu, two siblings that claimed they were super-rich socialites from Romania. The pair have been doing the fashion week rounds with a fat cat in tow.

Fashion line, Trovata, devised the entire stunt. They hired two L.A. based actors, gave them a cat and threw them into the Bryant Park tents. Anna Wintour helped Trovata by making believe she knew the two. She air-kissed them in front of the media. She saw the stunt as a “different kind of fashion show.”

A source said, “They just walked around, got photographed, and kept people talking.” The pair made sure not to lie to the press.

That ANNA! Next thing you know she’s going to make Justin Timberlake cry by telling him she’s with the IRS and must collect all his valuables!


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