Birthday Sluts

April 23, 2007 / Posted by:

Barry Watson (33)
Jaime King (28)
George Lopez (46)
Valerie Bertenelli (47)
Judy Davis (52)
Michael Moore (53)
Joyce DeWitt (58)
Shirley Temple (79)


Stripper Pants

April 22, 2007 / Posted by:
Let's say you wanted some fringed, sparkly bell bottoms. Where the HELL would you buy em? Your two options are either a stripper store or a drag queen store. I think those are even too low-class for Frederick's.
JLo popped on a wig and some stripper pants for a night out on the town in London  with her own adopted orphan.

More Talented Than Jessica

April 22, 2007 / Posted by:

YouTube remake videos are a dime a dozen, but this one is hot. Some hot girl remade Jessica Simpson’s “I Belong to Me” video. Way more entertaining and way more emotional.

The original video is below. Jessica needs to take Tyra Banks’ advice from Top Model and practice her facial expressions in the mirror. They be annoying.


Kali Bowyer is Full of Caca

April 22, 2007 / Posted by:
Kali Bowyer, a 36-year-old woman, claimed again last week that Chris is the bio-daddy of her 13yo daughter. Chris never denied having sex with the woman, but he said he wanted a DNA test to prove whether or not he's the baby's father. 
TMZ has acquired Kali's mugshot as well as a stack of documents proving this ho is a lying piece of trash. She's been convicted of DUI, charged with theft by deception, charged with running a cell phone scam, bad check writing and several domestic disturbances.
Kali also called the police one night claiming a dude made held her at gunpoint and made her snort some white substance. Why didn't Hohan think of that?!
Kali claimed her daughter's was Chris' 10-years ago, but then she disappeared. Chris is not listed at the father of the birth certificate.
I hope this woman looked hot 13-years ago, because she looks beat up now. If Chris is the daddy he needs to take that girl away. Her mother will probably try and peddle her ass in a few months.

What Reputation?

April 22, 2007 / Posted by:
Posh & Becks are about to sue a production company any minute for a TV documentary being made of their look-a-likes hanging around Los Angeles. The couple believe this will ruin their reputation. Yeah, because they are so well-respected. The show is due to air next month in Britian and follows the look-a-likes as they try to get free crap in L.A. 
Here's Poshy doing what she does best, looking like a grump while shopping in London. They totally have those jeans at Urban Outfitters for like $60. Cheap bitch!  

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