Night Crumbs

November 15, 2018 / Posted by:

Juliette Lewis decided to bring some funny to the tragicness of the California wildfires by posting a terrifying video of her screaming along to Brit Brit’s Work Bitch and begging for Our Lady of Cheetos to save the world. I can’t imagine the kind of Scientology auditing-session-gone-wrong shit that Juliette Lewis went through to snap like this and push L. Ron Hubbard to the side to declare Brit Brit her new God, but I’m into it – OMG Blog

Prince Charles’ big fancy royal 70th birthday party was yesterday, and sadly no pictures have been released of THE QUEEN giving Prince Philip a lap dance to Cardi B’s MoneyLainey Gossip 

What in Party City costume of a 90s raver Tin Lady HELL Is Chanel West Coast wearing? – Drunken Stepfather

It was nice of a schoolmarm circa 1942 to let Keira Knightley wear the dress she usually wears to chaperone dances – Popoholic

Let me toss the glitter over former NFL football player Jeff Rohrer coming out and announcing he’s marrying his boyfriend. But let me blow the loser horn over him becoming the only NFL player in a same-sex marriage – Towleroad

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Kim Porter Has Died At 47

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In some horrible wrapped in tragic wrapped in ten pounds of sad news, Kim Porter (pictured above this past June in San Francisco) died today at her home in Toluca Lake, CA. She was only 47.

Kim was a model and actor. She was mostly known to us as the mother of Diddy’s three children: 20-year-old Christian twin daughters D’Lila Star and Jessie James. D’Lila and Jessie are just 11 years old, which adds another forty five hundred layers of sadness on top of this. Kim and Diddy were together on-and-off for 13 years. They split up for good in 2007. Kim also had a 27-year-old son named Quincy with Al. B. Sure!

TMZ got a hold of emergency dispatch audio, which claims that a patient was going into cardiac arrest. Just yesterday, Kim had reportedly called her doctor about how she was sick with possibly pneumonia and wasn’t feeling better. Sources say that Kim had been sick for weeks. Diddy’s rep issued a statement confirming Kim’s death:

“Sadly, I can confirm the passing of Kim Porter. I ask that you give the families privacy at this time.”

Kim posted on Instagram during the past few weeks, and posted this picture of her with her family at the premiere of The Holiday Calendar, which Quincy is in, on October 30.

Rest in peace, Kim.


Hot Slut Of The Day!

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Jack In The Box Frings!

Sometime in the late-70s, I’m guessing that a genius working for Jack In The Box came up with a highly innovative way to use the french fries and onion rings leftover at the end of the night. Jack In The Box decided to bring french fries and onion rings together with FRINGS! You would think that a gourmet delicacy that brings together french fries and onion rings and is called FRINGS would be something like a french fry slathered in onion ring batter and deep fried, or a deep fried onion shaped like a french fry, but they came up with something more mind-blowing and inventive.

FRINGS was a bag filled with french fries AND onion rings. How Jack In The Box didn’t win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 for bringing french fries and onion rings together IS beyond. The commercial for Frings showed that getting Fringed (which kind of sounds like the act of some trick fingering you with their rings on) would turn you into a peppy business woman who didn’t need glasses anymore or a suburban pimp.

I guess the lure of being turned into a knock-off Shelley Long or a knock-off bro version of Elton John wasn’t strong enough to sell Frings. Jack In The Box took them off the menu in the early-80s. Sure, you could ask for a little bit of onion rings and french fries, or order both and mix them together, but that’s just too much work. Who has the time?!

Burger King has the same thing on their secret menu nowadays, but Jack In The Box will always be remembered as the Frings pioneer. Those of us who love to grab a fry and stick it in an onion ring hole while making orgasm sounds salute Jack In The Box, because they were thinking of us!

Pic: YouTube


Birthday Sluts

November 15, 2018 / Posted by:
Sam Waterston (78)
Shailene Woodley (27)
B.o.B (30)
Lily Aldridge (33)
Jeffree Starr (33)
Yaya DaCosta (36)
Leslie Hall (37)
Ace Young (38)
Sean Murray (41)
Virginie Ledoyen (42)
Chad Kroeger (44)
Sydney Tamiia Poitier (45)
Jonny Lee Miller (46)
Francois Ozon (51)

Pic: Warner Bros.

Liane Moriarty (52)
Rachel True (52)
Judy Gold (56)
Kevin Eubanks (61)
Beverly D’Angelo (67)
Jimmy Choo (70)
Frida Lyngstad (73)
Bob Gunton (73)
Roberto Cavalli (78)
Petula Clark (86)
Ed Asner (89)
Judge Joseph Wapner (1919-2017)
Georgia O’Keeffe (1887-1986)

Night Crumbs

November 14, 2018 / Posted by:

Should I check to see if my carbon monoxide detector is broken or not, because I actually want to see Netflix’s Dumplin’ (aka What Insatiable Should’ve Been) starring Jennifer Aniston as a Family Dollar version of Kirstie Alley’s Drop Dead Gorgeous character? I’m going to blame it on Dolly Parton, because this movie is infused with several gallons of Dolly, and Dolly is my religion – Lainey Gossip

If you haven’t had enough protein today, get some of Phoebe Price’s chicken nib nipple – (NSFW) Drunken Stepfather

Either Tom Hiddleston is tweeting while stoned, or he’s starring in a revival of the Pinter play Betrayal, or both! – Pajiba

This is either satire or Megyn Kelly is spending her time making a serious biopic about Jesus. Although, if Megyn was a part of this, Jesus would definitely be blond-haired and blue-eyed – Towleroad

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